Thursday, January 28, 2016

Special Healing Prayer

Art Sarolta Ban

It is customary to say Tehillim for sick people.  Recently someone told me of a special way to daven for a sick person.

Perek 119 in Tehillim is divided into paragraphs according to the Alef Bet. Write down the Hebrew name of the person you are praying for: example Moshe ben Sarah:  משה בן שרה

Then say the paragraphs of Psalm 119 according to that name.  Fox example, the first paragraph you would say is the one beginning with the letter ''Mem'' then ''Shin''  then ''Hei'' then move on to the letters of the rest of the name in the same way, ending with the ''Hei'' of Sarah.

Why do we use the name of the mother rather than the father?  The answer, as well as some other interesting facts, can be found here.

Wishing everyone who needs it a Refuah Shelaimah.


Anonymous said...

As Noahide, i thank you Devorah,

Not knowing Hebrew, i would not be able to do it as you have posted.
What Psalm would you recommend when someone is just jealous of one and doing the best they can to bring one down.
Gd bless you.

Devorah said...

I can't imagine why anyone would want to do that to you SC. Best to ignore it and hope it goes away. There's some good info here: Specific Psalms

Anonymous said...

Devorah, i know i trouble you often, and i thank you for your understanding and patience.
Please if you think this will help those who are sick and have other troubles and problems, this young boy, and his true story which he sings, may inspire so many. I know listening to him, i got inner strength to face with trust in Hashem, (please Gd, make me worthy) to face what comes, we are in a world that needs so much help from each other. Hashem bless you and all who come to your prrecious Oasis, Your blog.

annie said...

Baruch HaShem... Your words are words of encouragement... Just today we have had to say goodbye to a dear friend... He is The True Judge