Thursday, January 7, 2016

''The More They Torture You - The More You Grow''

Rabbi Mizrachi: Parshat Shemot and Current Events
For the Gog & Magog watchers: @ around 24 minutes he talks about the latest developments.

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Devorah said...

Thank you MG for your comment, which I am not publishing as it links to too much loshon hora. Your comment was not exactly correct: the Novominsker Rebbe did not ''condemn Rabbi Mizrachi'', he disputed the comments made about the Holocaust, for which Rabbi Mizrachi has already issued a public apology. This is the danger of websites choosing to take a quote from a Rebbe and embellish it with their own added bits and pieces of false loshon hora. It confuses the readers and leads them to think that the Rebbe approves of everything written on that page, when in actual fact the Rebbe probably has no idea of where his quote has been published and the accompanying words which he did NOT say.

Anonymous said...

This comment re the Novominsker sums it up completely:

(quoting) I know the Novominsker Rebbe shlit”a and have immense kavod for him. He is one of a handful who have dedicated their entire life to Klal Yisroel. May he be gezunt and shtark until 120, at least.

However, I do take serious issue here. Let me explain. Firstly, I agree that the comment by R’ Mizrachi was irresponsible and untrue. Secondly, I am pleased to see that he issued an apology and retraction. However, if the only issue that was being addressed was this statement about the Holocaust, then the discussion should be limited to that. And for that, the apology and retraction are adequate. One cannot pursue the fact that survivors feel offended by that and do not wish to accept the apology. That may be a personal issue they have with R’ Mizrachi, and they are entitled to address that bein odom lachaveiro. Doing so in the media, on the web, and from the podium is inappropriate.

However, if the mission is to discredit R’ Mizrachi, which seems to be the case in this article on YWN, and is echoed in several of the commments here and the earlier posts, then we have a different issue. It is not about 6 million versus another number, but about a campaign to stop R’ Mizrachi. And that is debatable, but not a fitting subject for YWN or any other frum website. I see it as inappropriate for an Agudath Israel function, not because I disagree with the Rebbe but because it is for the boardroom, not the podium.

R’ Mizrachi has been known to make rash statements. As a community, we either should press him to research such positions so that they are defensible, or perhaps to stop him from these public pronouncements. A Gadol would be more qualified to give direction here. But the public bashing that is occurring here and other public forums is outside of the range of what I find tasteful or appropriate.

Do we, as a community, police all those who are rabbinical positions? Do we police dayanim, rabbonim, roshei yeshivos, menahalim, etc.? Should we? If yes, there is lots more work to do. If this is a subject for Gedolei Yisroel, then it needs to be done in their meeting rooms, not in the media. Just my opinion.

bigben said...

Where is the apology to Howard Stern? and the apology to Ariel Sharon a'h?For a person who is so attuned to the inyan of loshen hora, how is it permissible to say that a Jew is a halachic "goy", when this is not true.
The Lubavitcher Rebbe sent a shliach to put tefillin on Ariel Sharon. To say that Sharon was not Jewish is also a insult to the Rebbe.
Also, how is it permissible to say bad things will happen to the "sonei yisroel" ( loshon sagi nohor)? Even the Neviyim were punished for saying such things.
Time for the Rabbi and followers to look inward first and do an accounting, before attacking others.
Written with profound regret.

Neshama said...

OMGosh, are people mixed up. They need to hear Rabbi Mizrachi for themselves. He clarifies the whole issue, especially in the videos below. Everyone with an 'opinion' need not voice it if it is negative, sarcastic, and ignorant of the truth and facts. This includes everyone, including me.

What Rabbi Mizrachi speaks is from Torah, Kesuvim, Midrashim, Zohar, et al. I know the truth hurts. But our generation needs it badly.

Unknown said...

Kol hacavod to rabbi Mizrachi. The establishment wants to mute him. We stand with him

Neshama said...

It says somewhere that the fight to keep Mashiach will be a nasty one! Food for thought.

truth seeker said...

What Chassidus teaches is also from Torah, Kesuvim, Midrashim, Zohar, et al. Truth is not meant to hurt. And our generation needs it badly.

Devorah said...

The Baal Shem Tov famously said that The World is a Mirror and everything we see is a message for ourselves. With that in mind, perhaps everyone should be subscribing to the Lesson a Day in Shmiras HaLashon [Laws of Speech] from the Chofetz Chaim. To do so, click here

Anonymous said...

Sign the petition to keep Rabbi Mizrahi at Torah

Anonymous said...

Cannot understand why people are so confused. Firstly, admonishing someone for giving wrong facts, especially in an area as sensitive as the shoa is not loshon hara. Trouble today we have the internet which is almost literally like the Tree of Good and Evil and now there is facebook and other whatevers where things go viral causing true loshon harah and inviting the anti-semites into the equation. There is the big problem. Hope the good Rabbi will have learned to get 'facts' straight and not bash everything and everyone. He has a big zchut in bringing back Jews to their roots and that is a tremendous mitzvah. Where credit is due, it should be acknowledged and admired but as human beings, we all falter sometimes and need a wakeup call. We, as Jews, need achdut now more than ever before. The first and most important step is educating our Jews of who and what they are and our beautiful but traumatic history. Then we will all have our facts straight.