Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Heavenly Tribunal

The way we are judged in Heaven these days is different to the way we were judged a thousand or five thousand years ago.  The world is so ridiculous now that anyone living even fifty years ago would not be able to identify with any of it.  That is why the Judges in the Heavenly Court are always the last three tzadikim to have passed on from this world.

In the video of Natan's NDE, he told us that he saw the three judges in the Heavenly Court and they were R' Ovadia Yosef zt'l, R' Eliyashiv zt'l and R'Yitzchak Kaduri zt'l.

I just came across a story which explains why the judges in the Heavenly Court are always those who have died recently.

The Heavenly Court is governed by tzaddikim who have died recently. They replace other righteous men, tzaddikim who've been in Heaven too long to remember the reality of struggle in this world.

You can read the story here:  Under The Bed

There is also the concept of transfer of Judgement:  ''...the judgement was transferred there instead as we find the concept of transferring judgement elsewhere.''  [Rav Fish]

And here is an excerpt from Rabbi Alon Anava's NDE about judgments in Shamayim.


אורנה ניצבת. דוד מלך ישראל חי וקיים said...

We have a " protectia".
I am the one of my parents...
By doing extra my best.
Extra tehilim.
Extra mitzvot...
You can be too...for your loved ones, for all our people.
We have to take care of each other, that's it!

GOLDIEZP said...

Thank you for this most interesting post. Would you know their position on what headcovering a woman should cover with?

Unknown said...

tehillim breaks all judgements from the Torah of Abir Yaakov Baba Salis zeide.

Devorah said...

Whatever feels right to you. This is one thing that many people argue about, and it depends which Rabbi or Rebbe you follow. Here is a shiur from Rabbi Jacobson where he speaks about this subject:

Devorah said...

There is also some good advice here:
from Rabbi Alon Anava. He explains the real reason for covering the hair and ultimately it makes no difference what you cover it with as long as it is covered. The argument over long immodest wigs is something I don't feel qualified to get involved in. People should use their own best judgment in this area.

GOLDIEZP said...

But we can be going wrong with our feelings. I agree we follow our own Rabbi/Rebbe . In my case I Followed my gut feeling and only afterwards found what the Navi said and Rashi

Devorah said...

I don't give spiritual advice as I am not qualified, but as the Judges in the Heavenly Court are changed to deal with the current times, then I would think that different ways of covering the hair also change with the times. But like I said, I have no authority to give advice like this. I think generally women follow the ways of the community around them, or find a community that suits them and is on their level.