Monday, March 21, 2016

Huge Prayer Rally

Huge prayer rally! A positive commandment from the Torah To cry and shout about any calamity that comes upon the public [Rambam Hilchot Ta’anit, Chap. I; and Mishna Brura #5076]

In these crazy days when the degree of judgment [Midat Hadin] is overstretched and a sword hangs over us from without, when they sow fear among us and there is not one moment without harm, and when our troubles increase day by day, and we have no power except for prayer. Therefore, at the order of the great leaders of our generation [Gdolei Hador] it is a holy obligation for every man and woman to gather and  stand together for the sake of our souls, in prayer.

Erev Ta’anit Esther, Tuesday evening, March 22nd The day when we say “v’Nahafoch hu” [things are turned upside down] and on which the primary miracle occurred and the hour of salvation and mercy occur at midnight, [we will gather].

At the graves of our holy fathers At the Cave of Machpelah in Hevron To recite Tehillim and Slichot and to accept the Yoke of Gd with a great audience and unity to sanctify Gd’s name with repentance and love for Israel.

Buses at low cost will be dispatched from all over the country. Generous amounts of refreshments and drinks will be available until dawn. National information number: 077-229-2222 Volunteers are needed to help publicize and distribute this information in their places of residence: 052-713-0094


smb said...

Every bit of prayer and unity helps.

Gil said...

It is an important event and Am Yisrael is waking up. There, at the Cave of Machpela, is a great power of protection. The battle for this place starts. Don't loose it Yisrael!
Will this Purim still be a Festival of Laughter?

annie said...

Would you mind giving the times to us for here in the United States/Eastern Standard Time?

Devorah said...

United States has several different time zones. Go to and calculate your time difference. They are beginning Tuesday evening, New York is 6 hours behind Israel, LA is 9 hours behind. Australia is 9 hours ahead of Israel.

devora said...

Here is a link for a tehillim Yachad...a way to say tehillim with all of Klal Yisrael that can be said at any time on your own schedule. Alrady 307 books of tehillim have been recited by over 11,000 readers. Also check out HaTzom to see details of the three day fast Over 20.000 Jews had signed up the last I checked!!! If you cannot fast (as I cannot) you can say tehillim or give tzedakah for the next 3 days.