Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Misplaced Anger of Israelis

by Dr Rivkah Lambert Adler

Five terrorist attacks in one bloody day. My Facebook newsfeed is full of anger.

Demand the world take action against Palestinian terror!

Expel the Arabs!

What is wrong with our government?! We’re getting slaughtered in the streets.

Joe Biden, go back. We don’t want you here!

I get it. Really I do.

At the same time, looking at the big picture, I’m convinced that, spiritually, this anger, while understandable, is woefully misplaced.

We are in the period of Jewish history known as the End of Days. We can feel the breath of Moshiach (the Jewish redeemer) on the back of our necks. This time, immediately before our final redemption, is referred to as the Ishmaelite Exile by our Sages. It’s the last exile of the Jewish people, and it has a very specific purpose.

The Hebrew expression kochi v’otzem yadi means “my strength and the power of my hands”. It comes from the Book of Devarim (Deuteronomy 8:17).

As a nation, we’re still stuck in the illusion of kochi v’otzem yadi. We still believe that human efforts are sufficient to solve the problem of Muslim terror. As long as we think there is a diplomatic, military, economic or political solution, we have failed to learn the lesson this stage of history is trying to teach us.

We haven’t learned to turn to God.

We still believe in and rely upon our human prowess too much. So God sent us the problem of Muslim terror, exactly because the kind of terrorism that Israel suffers from is a problem we will never be able to solve on our own.

Anger at the government, anger at the Arabs, is missing the point. God is running the world. And He’s turning up the heat, so to speak, pleading with us to recognize that we need Him. To save precious lives, to prepare us for Moshiach, we need, very quickly, to come to the understanding that Ain Od Milvado – there is truly nothing besides God.

Everything we are living through is intended to increase our faith, to prepare us for the final redemption. We are being called upon to recognize that we are absolutely helpless. Only God can destroy this enemy.

We need to take reasonable security precautions on a human level. Of course we do. But we must open our eyes and understand that the most crucial task before us is a spiritual one.

We must learn to recognize the limits of our capabilities. We must learn that it is time to live our lives according to the last Mishna in Tractate Sotah which teaches, “We have no one upon whom to rely, except our Father in heaven.”

Source:  Israel NewsTalk Radio


Gil said...

The article is very relevant to the understanding of current events
The world appears not being moved by the suffering of Yisrael at the hands of Arab terrorism. That entails to the world being soon judged by the Divine for its lack of spiritual connection to the Creator of the world.
The Tower of Babel constructed by the world in defiance to G-d will be demolished. The UN and all its bodies of international destruction will be abolished.
The anger Yisrael experiences now will grow and will gradually be transformed into submission to Hashem. Am Yisrael will fall on her knees asking for mercy. Then, Mashiach will arrive to meet the distressed and almost broken people of Yisrael.
Yet, Yisrael doesn't listen. It might take about two years to wake up.
The Jews all over the world feel the pressure to become observant to fulfil their mission on earth.
When a Jewish person becomes observant, and (s)he looks at the light of Shabat, the awareness is high enough to avoid to possibility of being later on stabbed by terrorists. The events are exams given by Hashem to his people.
For the moment Diaspora should hide the external signs of being Jewish, and keep only the inner light until the world will be judged.
Until the Temple Mount area isn't cleaned of any progeny of Yishmael, the suffering of Yisrael is unabated. Shekhinah does manifest over the Har haBait now, empowering Yishmael instead of Yisrael unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the world really really really wants Israel to suffer and more. It's time to pull the head out of the dirt. They don't like, love or want us. At all. Ever. They are trying to eliminate us. They are the enemy.

Gil said...

The war facing Klal Yisrael today is that of extermination. Be aware about it! Call the four archangels for protection.
The power of Yisrael is diminishing by the day because she doesn't have the upper hand over the Temple Mount area. There is the power backed by Shekhinah descending upon the mountain Har Habait. More Jewish presence there becomes significant. So, by all means increase the Jewish presence on Har Habait and do the silent prayer Shema Yisrael. That is fundamental for the events that follow.

Anonymous said...

I would put it a little differently. The 'real Jewish' public is aware that it stinks from the top down; the people are powerless (taking away their weapons even just for defense). Mostly, the ones being brutally murdered are the G-D fearing Jews. Everything is being orchestrated from evil forces within and without and any intelligent person knows that. Since the public is powerless, they are angry and seem not to be able to do anything about it, but the G-D fearing understand that only H' is in control and they can only rely on HIM. But there are too many who are asleep and need to repent now; things will get harsher until they realize that not by the might of man and weaponry can we rely on, but only on our Creator. True Jews must unite and gain strength to show H' that they have had it with the evil controllers and will do teshuvah, and then HE will show His Hand and woe unto the enemies of H' and His children, Israel, when HE will unleash His anger.

Jesterhead45 said...

Largely agree, how does a Jew reconcile though with the notion that all harsh decrees can be changed for the better yet everything is seemingly trending towards an inevitable and unpreventable worst case scenario (Heaven Forbid) born from a conspiracy by an assortment of Jew-haters, with the Jewish people being impotent to do anything to turn around the current situation to a more favorable status quo (e.g. Torah government, Sanhedrin, Leaders aligned with Hashem, etc)?

smb said...

Like the events of Purim, we need to spiritually do something. All of us around the world. Ahavas Yisrael and Hashem, good middos, and prayer with kavanah, mitzvos with joy. We can each make a difference, Shalom Chodesh tov

Gil said...

The Yom HaDin is already in fill swing, and events are moving rapidly. The demonic army assemblies in Europe, while America appears in control of the current developments.
But things will not be delayed too long.
The past sins of the nations will be accounted for. The black slavery of America couldn't be forgotten. So, the country will be destroyed by a black man raised up in a Muslim country, Indonesia. The right man in the right place and time.
The fear is gradually spreading among all the inhabitants of the earth.

Terri said...

I am in US and we want Obama and Biden to leave here now. They are destroying our country and they are doing this quickly. It basically has been invaded and they do nothing at all! We are appalled at the way he treated Your great leaders! I am deeply trouble And pray for good! It hurts so much I want to leave and find a place to hide away from the evil they are doing to this country and its people! We pray for you may you pray for us!

Gil said...

If mearat makhpela is lost a major slaughter of Yisrael starts.
Jews of Amerika should rush out of the country. There is still time until Fall 2016.