Monday, March 28, 2016

The Secret of the Final Redemption

The following is from an essay by Rabbi Nachman Kahana

''The Gemara does not elaborate on the tradition stated by Melech Shlomo that only three victories over Amalek may be written in the TaNaCh, because herein lies the hermetically sealed secret of how the final redemption will come about, and when.

My premise is that the three victories over Amalek as recorded in the TaNaCh means that when Amalek will be defeated three times in the time frame of a 70 year life span, the final redemption of Am Yisrael will have arrived.

It has never yet happened in the history of nations that three evil empires fell in the short span of 70 years; since it takes hundreds of years for an empire to develop, to peak, become corrupt and then die. 

But it is occurring right now in our generation of 70 years! 

The 70-year count began sometime between 1945-47 and will conclude in 2015-17. 

In 1945 Nazi Germany, unmistakably Amalek, was defeated. Between 1945-47, ten of the German leaders – the same as the number of Haman’s sons – were sentenced to be hung; 9 were put to death by hanging with the tenth, Hermann Goering, escaping the gallows by committing suicide in his prison cell. 

Forty-six years later, in 1991, the leaders of the evil Soviet Union, also sons of Amalek, together with their anti-Semitic ideology, were discarded into the trash bin of history. 

In the time frame between 2015-17 the destruction of the third and last Amalek power will have begun or will begin. Who will it be? 

Perhaps it will be the Haman of the Koran spinning his hatred from Persia-Iran; or perhaps world Christianity or Islam; possibly both. 

What makes this projection even more interesting is the fact that the year 2015 was a Shmitta (Sabbatical) year corresponding to our calendar year of 5775 תשע”ה which means salvation. 

I submit this in full knowledge that, at the end of the day all human calculations could be proven false in the face of what HaShem has in store for us - 

The entire article may be read at NachmanKahana


Neshama said...

There are many nations that could fall in this time period, including America, turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, the list goes on.

Anonymous said...

I think he got it right! Also, believe the last of the three are Esav/Yishmael together; as they will work hand in hand at the end against Yisrael. But, only H' knows.
Praying for Geulah b'rachamim!

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DS said...

Hi Devorah,

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Anonymous said...

Actually, there were indeed 11 Nazis on trial in 1947 Nuremberg. By committing suicide, Goering fittingly reduced that number to 10 all of whom were hung the next morning -- all on the same piece of wood (or tree) -- just as were the 10 sons of Hitler, I mean Haman, all on the same tree!

Intriguingly, by the way, recall that no one was more publicly hung, ever since, other than
Sadaam Hussein (reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar) who publicly declared that he will burn half of Israel in fire.

Moreover, Goering was known to dress up as a woman with make up, dresses and all, and thus he (she) committed suicide the night before because --- as I believe -- was the gilgul (reincarnation) of Haman's daughter who herself committed suicide doing so the night just prior to her ten brothers being hung!

Goering, you see was not a son.