Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Effects of a Solar Eclipse

HT Avrohom Alter

Rabbi Avigdor Miller on solar eclipses: 

The gemara says that a solar eclipse is a sign of ill fortune for the gentiles. [A lunar eclipse is a sign of ill fortune for Jews]

So this gentleman asks, rightly, how can it be a sign of ill fortune if it happens according to mathematical precision? And the answer is as follows. 

Any change in the fortunes of the world is foreseen by Hashem. Nothing happens by itself. Hashem ordains when some good fortune should happen to the world, or chalila when some misfortune should happen, and He makes it turn out on certain auspicious dates. 

When He plans a misfortune for the umos haolam [nations of the world], He makes it happen at the time of a solar eclipse. 

A solar eclipse is to let you know that this is planned by Hashem and it’s not an accident. Let’s say at the time of a solar eclipse something happens in a far off country like Tibet where there are no Jews. You shouldn’t say that one thing has nothing to do with the other. The reason that it happened then was to bring your attention to it and make you aware that Hashem is in charge of the world. He made it turn out at the time of the solar eclipse... 

Therefore, it’s not that the solar eclipse is made to happen at a time of some misfortune to the gentiles, the misfortune to the gentiles is made to happen at the time of the solar eclipse. Why? In order to label it, to let us know that it’s the yad [hand of] Hashem. – 

Abraham and Lot [#046]


Miriam said...

What about the effects with the animals? I wonder if they are considered corrupted in our generation too like the time of the flood and what will be their role in Hashem's plan. Often they turn violent and have weird behavior with eclipses. There's been a lot of reports worldwide of animals even attacking their owners and especially wild animals attacking now where they used to stay away from people. I was going to take the kids to the zoo on Rosh Chodesh as a special treat - the day after the eclipse and am wondering if that is a good idea...

Devorah said...

According to Yeranen Yaakov's post - Eclipse North Korea Predictions - ''animals will die'' [if the eclipse is counted as occurring in Elul]

Neshama said...

Great coincidence. I have the same post prepared, as I receive the emails regularly from them and my husband was/is a talmid of Rabbi Miller zt”l for over 27 years. But since you posted first I’ll hold off.

Moshe said...

Interesting that this comping ,Shabbat Torah reading will be Ree. This parsha is about listing both kosher and not kosher animals.!