Friday, June 3, 2022

The Light of Toras Moshiach: The Nature of the 50th Gate

 Rabbi Shimon Kessin, new shiur


האיש said...


annie said...

Incredible, Rabbi…
Amen… to your prayer and desire… and may even the gentiles who search and desire to find this Truth… find this great Love for HaShem and awareness of His only-ness and One-ness … and it will draw all … back to that perfect state …

Anonymous said...

I don't know. I find it easier to understand the concept of G-d as being a conscious subtle frequency (i.e. "kol demama daka") - a perpetual/universal frequency (a.k.a. zero-point energy or scalar waves) - which also encompasses every entity consisting of any sort of mass, and is an all-pervasive "connectivity".

Why does it matter if my mind understands it better that way? That's not to say I grasp other complex concepts either, such as vector equilibrium.

Anonymous said...

P.S. The rabbi speaks of Ahavas Hashem paying off (as it makes you connected, rather than outside of Him). Well, that brought to mind one of the many Qs I've had over the years, which is: We were taught the concept of "Imo Anochi B'tzorah", yet we were also taught "Ein Ha'shechina sheruya elah mitoch simcha".

Now picture someone at the constant mercy of the Spanish Torquemada, or jailers (as Pollard was). Or picture someone whose anatomy is in continuous agony, in all sorts of abnormal ways.

So you'd say, surely Hashem is with him/her, because after all, "Imo Anochi B'tzorah" and Hashem is "Mevakesh es hanirdaf". Right?

Yet isn't that contradictory to: "Ein Ha'shechina sheruya elah mitoch simcha"? The reason I find it contradictory, is because it would require a superhuman capacity to remain "beSimcha" while enduring continuous suffering!

Unknown said...

Depends on how you define Simcha, Rabbi Tatz explains that it is not just joy or jubilation in the simple sense, rather the feeling the neshama gets of knowing it is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Someone learning a tough sugya may be struggling, frustrated, at the end of his tether but still be B'Simcha.


Anonymous said...

But how do Rabbi Tatz' writings tie in with the above scenario, such as Inquisition, etc.etc. I used to read such kinds of books, for example "What's wrong with being human" & "Whats wrong with being happy". I forget which, but one of the latter was explaining things from the perspective of reincarnation. But that failed to address my questions, because alot of my life's complications were tied in with either high tech, or other nuances of this intensifyingly-complex world. You see, the nitty gritty, frustrating, horrific complications caused by same were absolutely not the scenario in past centuries. And lots of it impacted my health big time. And this includes not just computers, but also defective cars, appliances, and so much more.

After all, reincarnation is supposed to pay back measure-for-measure (but why pay back via high-tech, for a past scenario which was very low-tech??) ...and so it thus follows that the concept of reincarnation failed to answer my life questions, nor am I any the wiser now. I assure you I consulted a long list of authority figures of past years. Some, such as Chochmat haYad, offered validation (albeit no practical advice), yet others were downright disillusioning, and others admitted they were at a loss.

Devorah said...

One thing to think about MM, and you may have already done so in which case I'm sorry to bring it up [but it may help someone else] is WHY you chose to come down into this life and experience all this. We do know what we are in for, and we sign up for it, as hard as that may be to believe... we choose our parents etc. For some reason, your soul signed up for your particular brand of tzures. Maybe if you look at the issue from that angle, things may make sense. Or maybe not.