Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Star of David in Iceland Volcanic Plume

Look at this photo from the Iceland volcano..... see the Magen David ?
[Hat tip: Devorah Designs]

Photo: Jon Olafur

A bit of help for those who can't see it:


  1. Somebody sure has an eye for detail :)

  2. If you look to the right of the Magen David you will notice that the cloud formation resembles an eagle...body and fluttering wings or maybe it is an eagle?

    Symbolically : the shield of David aka Mashiach will come on the wings of an eagle aka Geulah.

    May he come speedily in our day.

  3. Couldn't that just be their by chance? It's not too hard to find familiar shapes or forms in clouds.

  4. גדול מגן דוד