Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tomer Devorah's Supernatural Protection

There is one segulah [supernatural cure] transmitted to us by our righteous leaders of previous generations which acts as a powerful tool to cure or protect against the disease of cancer.

The following are the words of the holy Sanzer Rebbi, the Divrei Chaim זצ"ל, as heard by his grandson, Rav Moshe Halberstam זצ"ל   from the Satmar Rebbi זצ"ל:

“…the learning from the Sefer Tomer Devorah is a segulah against the terrible sickness…”
"הלימוד בספר תומר דבורה מסוגל נגד פגעי המחלה הנוראה רח"ל..."

It is recommended to learn from the sefer Tomer Devorah [Palm Tree of Devorah] once a week or at least once a month, even though this sefer is not easy to understand, This segulah follows the principle of  midda k'neged midda [measure for measure]. If we emulate G-d’s attributes and act like He does with patience, compassion, forgiveness, etc, Hashem will act towards us in the manner of midda k'neged midda  and be patient, compassionate and forgiving with us.

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Thank you to Hezbos  for confirming the translation of Rav Halberstam's original letter:


Devorah Designs said...

Learning Sefer Tomer Devorah is really a powerful segulah..!!! Several years ago in my community, a girlfriend's teenage daughter had a brain tumor. Her father bought a copy of this sefer that was divided daily for monthly study for around 80 to 90 people who committed to daily study. That's around 90 times every month that Tomer Devorah was completed for the sake of their daughter. It indeed worked, as it bought her several more months of life.
I am again learning from it for another girlfriend whose life is in danger. It anyone wants to know how to obtain this 30 day study, my copy says it is published by Tomer Publications in NYC. It's worth having a good daily copy to learn from in addition to reciting Tehillim for those in terrible life-threatening illnesses.

in the vanguard said...

That's not to say that good nutrition, from this point on, isn't as good or better. It's rare for Torah to use the word "Me'od" but when it comes to being careful about your health, Torah does use this word, "VeNishmartem al nafsoisaichem - me'od!"

Ari Goldwag said...

I am learning the sefer now in my Daily Kabbalah Lesson. It is a clear and straightforward translation with explanations. Worth checking out. The episodes are 5-7 minutes long.