Thursday, May 26, 2011

BiBi Pro America


Devorah Designs said...

Oh my!!!!!! This is funny. Who is taking credit for this masterpiece?
After O'Bama and Bibi first talked (before Bibi spoke to Congress-when O'Bama quickly ran out of the country)...Rush Limbaugh was calling for Bibi to run for US President, he said, "Somehow we need to get this guy an American birth certificate...maybe in Hawaii!"
Still, I agree with Yaak...Bibi was good but also confusing when he spoke before Congress.
Oh, and I do not know how many people caught this, but at the very beginning, Bibi addressed Biben, saying "Mr. Vice you remember when we were both the new kids on the block..." As Bibi started talking to him, he slowly turned around and did not see what VP Biben did...he was smiling and made the sign of the cross or crucifix over his body! Like catholics do towards vampires when needing protection! Wow, what was THAT?!!

Devorah said...

Biden had probably overdosed on his medication, and thought he was in church.

Devorah Designs said...

LOL! Somebody told me that Biben's wife is Jewish..I don't know.
Back to BiBi ProAmerica....the news here recapped that BiBi got 32 standing ovations. In this little video, I only counted 28...someone messed up! Actually I have better things to do with my time. Someone else can recount.

Anonymous said...

i agree with devora: to do that christian sign is not normal. something sinister. is like joe is trying to protect himself from the spiritual forces of bibi, or he's trying to give him a christian injection.
i dont think that even the most religious goym they do that when they dont need to

Devorah Designs said...

Yes, Shloime,
It felt very out of place to see him do that. Like an inside joke that Bibi wouldn't understand. And behind his back! Then does it on national tv. I would think it's a church-thing... He knows what it means to himself, so he did it in reaction to Bibi. It's just weird.

Choni said...

I knew that Bi Bi is talented, but I never expected that he was a rapper as well ! Wow ! Maybe, if he did inner city rap concerts he's develop some grassroots support that Israel so desperately needs today. LOL :)