Monday, May 16, 2011

The 13th Gate

Reb Chaim Vital says in the name of the Arizal that there are twelve gates in the Heavens corresponding to the twelve tribes and each tribe has a designated entrance for their prayers. Each gate and their approach are different from the others.

Each of the tribes had their own specific Nusach Hatefillah [specific prayers]. The Holy Arizal established a Nusach that corresponds to all twelve of the tribes. The "Nusach Arizal" are the prayers for those who do not know their tribe.

The Chasam Sofer writes this concept in the name of the Maggid of Mezritz. He explains that in fact, there are thirteen gates in Heaven for our tefillos to pass through. Each gate is for one of the tribes and everyone’s tefillah can pass through the thirteenth gate.


Mordie said...

Sorry, but some wires might have got crossed here (maybe mine?). If memory serves correctly, the Chasam Sofer actually cast aspersions (politely) on this claim, rhetorically asking if the tefillos of the tzadikkim of recently previous generations were not admitted to Shomayim due to not having been said in this aforementioned Nusach.

Tzorich iyun...

Devorah said...

I have no idea Mordie.... but I do know that two Jews = three opinions.
But I can tell you that I've had a few prayers answered and I use the Nusach Arizal. [And I should also say I've had some un-answered using the same thing]