Monday, June 20, 2011

The World's Obsession with Israel

Unless you are an Australian, you probably have no clue who Austen Tayshus is...... he is one of Australia's best-known comedians, real name Sandy Gutman .... and although he is someone I've known for most of my life through family connections, I rarely get to see him these days, but did manage to catch him on the "Q and A" show a couple of weeks ago, and just found there is a video of that show on You Tube.

If you begin watching at 40:00 mins on the video, you will see him in action, as a woman in the audience mentions the recent boycott of a Sydney council against Israel.... and Sandy [the one with the sunglasses] socks it to the anti-semitic guests on the show.   His comment [at 41:36] to anti-Israel Lee Rhiannon "Why are you so OBSESSED with Israel?" is something we would all like to know - why are all these people so obsessed with Israel?  And a special note about journalist and flotilla-participator Paul McGeogh's response to a question at 46:30 - where he tries, and fails, to justify his blatant anti-semitic journalism. 

For all those who missed the show, or for everyone who ever wanted to know, I'm posting the video here..... why is everyone so obsessed with Israel?  They don't really have a good answer, but at least the question was asked! Thank you Sandy.

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