Thursday, July 14, 2011

Audio: Obama in Bible Codes

I haven't listened to this yet: Tamar Yonah interviews Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson on Israel National Radio

What does it say in the Bible about U.S. President Obama and what he will do regarding Israel?  Is he 'The One' to fill the role of Gog in the end times stories about Gog and Magog?  Where does it show in the Bible that indeed this is what it hints to?  Who could Obama be the reincarnation of in the Bible, and where is it written about from the biblical past, about today's Flotilla ships coming to Israel.  it's all in the book called, "Obama in Torah Codes " written by (guest on the show) Rabbi M. Glazerson and Prof. R. Haralick. 
To listen to the interview: click here

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Dov Bar-Leib said...

Just came back from Tamar Yonah's daughter's wedding. lots of simcha and great dancing. very late night. Sheva Brachot at one in the morning.

Just one thing. If you come to Israel for a wedding, listen to the Mesader Kiddushin's instructions. If he tells you to leave the bimah where the chupah is, please do so so that everyone can see the wedding. Otherwise it was a great wedding.

Folasade said...

The question WHO and WHEN are the two most crucial primary questions in any tanach exegesis.

Much more important than WHERE and HOW IMHO.

Unfortunately we will never know whose GUESS is wrong or right until the maschiac himself gets here