Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Last Laugh

Mann tracht und Gott lacht   -    Men plan and God laughs.

As a result of Yaakov's having taken the blessings, Eisav hated him with an unquenchable hatred that sought revenge. He devised a plan whereby he could dominate the world.

Eisav thought:
Kayin killed his brother Hevel before his father Adam died. That was his mistake. After Hevel was removed, Adam had another son Shais. Therefore I will do better, I will make sure that both my father and my brother are dead.

Pharoah thought:
Eisav waited until Yitzchak died before attempting to kill his brother. Did he not realize that his brother would meanwhile have children? I will be smarter, I will drown all newborn boys in the river.

Haman thought:
Pharoah didn't realize that the girls would marry and bear children. He should have wiped out the girls as well as the boys. I will be the one to wipe out all of them.

At the end of days, Gog and Mogog will say:
Didn't Haman know that they have a Protector in Heaven? We will first overcome their Protector and then destroy them.

But Hashem answers them all: "I have many messengers to frustrate your plans". Then Hashem will go out to wage war against the nations, and on that day Hashem will be the sole King of the Earth.

Source:  The Midrash Says


in the vanguard said...

The way to bring down the Jews - God forbid - we saw in a recent Torah portion, where the Jews were seduced to sin by Midianite women. But if ever there were fine orthodox people in the world, we surely see that now. Only 60 some odd years ago ther eweren't even a handful of beards in the USA; Today there are millions, perhaps. Never before has there been so great a wave of returnees to orthodoxy than in recent years, I presume, though I have no statistics to look at. So I agree with you Devorah; We now wait for that "one day" when Hashem will be the sole King.

Leah said...

May it be very soon!