Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Israel on Obama's Agenda

US President Barack Obama will visit Israel, US ambassador to Israel James B. Cunningham told Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin on Tuesday.

"The president wants to visit and he will do so," Cunningham told Rivlin. Though he did not specify a date for the visit, Cunningham said it was on Obama's agenda.

Rivlin told Cunningham that "Israelis sense that the atmosphere in the White House has changed for the worse. The feeling is that Obama views Israel as a burden more than as a strategic asset."

Source: JPost

"And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will make Jerusalem a stone of burden for all the peoples; all that burden themselves with it shall be sore wounded; and all the nations of the earth shall be gathered together against it."    Zechariah 12:3


Anonymous said...

how many times did obama go to israel?

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Baruch HaShem. Baruch HaShem. Let us raise the final curtain as Malkhut Edom (what is left of Western Civilization) seals its fate. I do not care how it happens, just that it happens. If it happens because of Obummer's impatience with Israel, it just quickens judgment day. This is especially the case because Congress has no say in the running of day to day foreign policy. That was one of Alexander Hamilton's gifts to the American Constitution, the imperial Presidency in matters of foreign policy. Oh for those who do not know, A. Hamilton was born a mamzer Jew (literally) in the Carribbean near St. Croix in the mid-1700s. He even went to Cheder when the Anglican Church would not accept him into their schools because according to their rules he was a bastard too. For some reason for good or for ill HaShem regularly uses Jews to change the world for good or for ill. This time Hamilton created the imperial President in foreign affairs, just for the End of Days scenario that we have right now. Congress can do NOTHING to stop him.

Devorah said...

He was there in 2008.... was that the only time he's been there ?? I think so.

Moriah said...

Which one is it?

U.S. Designates Israel as Country That Tends ‘To Promote, Produce, or Protect’ Terrorists; Also Calls Israel Anti-Terror Partner

Tidbits of Torah said...

I read this article on this link the other day, Moriah. I also downloaded the document from the homesecurity site. I want to share this with my husband. Perhaps this will be the final straw for us to say bye-bye to sic "good 'ole America" earlier than planned.