Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Wake Up Call

When dreadful things happen, I tend to block them out and try to ignore them, because I can't deal with them.

In the case of the little boy HY"D who was found murdered yesterday - murdered by a lunatic who by all accounts should have been locked up long ago - the only way I can deal with it is to get angry at all the frummers who protect these child molesters, who don't go to police and have them locked up, because they don't want to "inform" on another Jew.

Maybe now that the worst possible thing has happened, people will learn.  When you are kind to the cruel, you end up being to cruel to the kind.

Rabbis and communities: stop protecting child abusers, wife beaters and anyone else.  These people are dangerous, maybe you understand that now.  Or tragically, maybe you still don't.


The Graduate said...

Amazing, I had the very same awful thought. All I could think about when I saw the article about Leibby HY"D being missing was this issue. I kept praying that it wasn't true but I could not shake the thought.
When you protect evil you are leaving the innocent and the defenceless to be evil's prey. As you said "when you are kind you are kind to the cruel, you end up beng cruel to the kind.

Leah said...

That is correct. You leave the door wide open for other innocent victims.

Anonymous said...

as a noahide, i was stunned too. how could this happen, and the murderer a jew. its not what we expect from the light to all nations. however, i had to tell myself also that Hashem never promised us a perfect nation or people, as only Hashem is perfect. Hashem warned the jewish people not to assimilate, to live within us and be a light to all nations and yet not follow our ways,which is not easy though not impossible. how do we noahides reconcile ourselves with this kind of behaviour from jews, which would not surprise us if found and is usually found among us gentiles. i am not giving any excuse for the murderer just because he is a jew, however, this is the outcome of assimilation. the jew ends up behaving like a gentile and not the other way around. i would like to quote RNachman:Yesh inyan shehakol nishapekh letovah meaning there is principle that everything will be transformed to good.
everthing seems to be hopeless so we or i can only trust in Hashem and that soon all will be good.

TheCoolJew said...

Anonymous said...

I too am wondering similar thoughts. Are you aware that the Agudath of America recently came out with a directive that one is not supposed to report abuse directly to the authorities unless you actually witnessed such a thing. Rather you should report such suspicions to a rabbi or the bais din. It appears to me that the "feeling" of being a moser is being transformed into literally being ruled a moser if one would report somehting to the authorities. This would be bad enough if the rabbonim would actually act upon such information, but unfortunatley they do not and cannot act in a way that is truly effective. The contrast between the current Agudah directive and the proactive feeling in the community right now toward protecting ourselves from possible molesters seems ironic to me......My condolences to the family.

Anonymous said...

Hashem is good and does good.
Have you read the Garden of Emuna by Rabbi Shalom Arush?