Thursday, August 25, 2011

Richard, Kate, His Mother.... and Irene

Hurricane Irene's first casualty was Richard Branson's magnificant island paradise known as "Great House on Necker" which was struck by lightning and burnt to the ground last Monday.

This smouldering wreckage is all that remains today of Sir Richard Branson's luxury Caribbean home after it was razed to the ground by fire. The multi-million-pound Great House on Necker, the Virgin tycoon’s £60million private island, caught fire after it was struck by lightning in the early hours of Monday when the region was battered by Hurricane Irene.

Richard himself "ran naked through the house to rescue Kate Winslet and my mother" [surely he should have said "my mother and Kate Winslet..."] - actually it was Kate Winslet who rescued Richard's mother, so in hindsight his naked dash seems a bit pointless.
Today's Daily Mail gives many insights into life at "Great House on Necker" -  after reading it, some people may not find it so strange that it was hit by lightning and destroyed. Richard, however, plans to rebuild immediately, G-d willing....

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