Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Strange, Difficult and Wonderful Times

Received via email: [I have no way of knowing if this is true or not, please leave a comment if you do know]

Dear family and friends,

I hope this email finds you well, and in good spirits, with Rosh Hashana and the Chagim not far away.

The following message is not meant to shock or alarm, but it is intended to provoke a response. I pray that you will not ignore it.

I fervently hope that each one of you will find a way to come closer to Hashem as a result, in any way you can.

A brief introduction is in order, to place into context what follows.

Rabbi Shalom Arush is the Rosh Yeshiva (Head of the Yeshiva) of Chut Shel Chessed, and author of several books. His most well-known book, the Garden of Emuna, has sold well over one million copies, and is printed in 8 different languages. Rabbi Arush is widely respected as one of Israel's foremost religious leaders. People come to him from around the world for blessings, and he is well known to have many miraculous salvations (cures from severe health problems etc..) to his name.

Rabbi Arush gave his weekly address to the Yeshiva yesterday, and said as follows:

- He has been informed by one of the Zadikim Nistarim (hidden zadik) [who he has known for many years], that the 'Gates of Tshuva' are closing soon [ie, there will be no more Tshuva – repentance/returning to Hashem - after that date].

- There is a terrible decree in Shamayim [heaven] that [chas ve'shalom] on 21st Ellul [20th September 2011] six Arab nations plan to send up to 3 million Arabs to march on Jerusalem, un-armed.

- [This might not sound particularly terrible, seeing as they are un-armed. However, Rav Arush stressed that we do not understand how terrible this decree will be and that we must all pray for it to be rescinded.]

- Rav Arush is taking the message from the Zadik Nistar very seriously. He told the Yeshiva that he personally called up non-religious family members and asked them to please start keeping Shabbat, and to put on Tefillin and keep any other mitzvahs they can. Now may be the last time that a person will be able to do Tshuva and return to Hashem.

- Rav Arush then made immediate changes to the Yeshiva. He has changed the normal learning schedule so that instead of learning from 1pm – 5pm, all students at the Yeshiva are to go out at this time to distribute Torah literature, CD's and books. He gave every student of the Yeshiva 200 CD's to distribute, and gave away the Garden of Emuna to the students for just 10 shekel a copy to facilitate distribution.

- Spreading Emunah (belief in Hashem) is one of the only ways of rescinding this decree and bringing Moshiach in a 'sweet way'.

Friends, we may be heading into strange, difficult and ultimately wonderful times.

In order to survive these times, a person needs to pray, to return whole-heartedly to G-d and to keep his Emunah (belief in Hashem) very strong. Our Torah promises a new world of peace and light, but our Rabbis teach us that this may come with difficult 'birth pangs'.

May each of us do what we can to strengthen ourselves and others, and may we be blessed with B'sorot Tovot, only good news.


Leah said...

My senses are perked. At this time we are instructed to do teshuvah yet as we look at what is going on in Yerushalyim in Sept. with that crazy UN vote potential it seems that this is another aspect of Ikvesa D'Moshicha that is propelling us further.....

Devorah Designs said...

I'm really concerned about this...first, if this is TRUE....why isn't Rabbi Lazer Brody posting this on his website..Rabbi Arush is HIS rabbi! Next, the gates of Tshuva are CLOSING???? BEFORE Rosh Hashanah? And thirdly, why is Reuven Levy from GeulahWatch forwarding this ...just because he received it from three different people. Be sure to check this out before posting.. this is serious and we do not want fake info going around... crying wolf. Then what?

I also can not imagine that the Arabs will march UNarmed.....even if they were instructed to do so.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

I believe that Teshuvah in the area of human decency does end on Yom Kippur or Hoshana Rabba 5772. It will be impossible to do teshuvah in that area out of love after our seaon of repentence this year. This will be a time of teshuvah to remember. In the area of Torah above and beyond the level of common decency we should also do teshuvah of course. But I verily believe that we still have at least until the end of the Shmittah cycle 5775 or Tishrei 5776 to do teshuvah for those mitzvoth beyond human decency, for HaShem has tremendous Rachamim for all of the suffering of Jewish history for those aspects of life that transcend common decency. So work on Shabbat observance and Sukkot observance, but there is still time to improve in that area. Common decency cannot wait any longer. We are approaching the end of the Year of Hoshana Rabba. Judgment on all deeds since the Mabul in the area of Noachide decency will be sealed by Hoshana Rabba 5772. This is not just for every Jew but for all of the nations of the world. So we need to carefully look especially this year for all aspects of human indecency that we have committed in our own lives. Happy and careful introspection.

rap said...

Dear friend,
doing tshuva is a fair demand. distributing CDs isn't gonna help to say the least, for people to listen to it and all of sudden to go and lay Tefillin for the first time in their life.
Yidden's hearts are so hardened, so mach suffering and wars and attacks haven't woken them up, a CD will?

arabs aren't the only ones that have appetites to march in Yir HaKodesh.
not for the last 1900 years, but fortunately
the logistics of having 3mln people entering the border whether armed or unarmed is virtually impossible.
border police and army. wont stay silent on that.
The Gates of Tshuva aren't closing any time soon, as long as their is Shemaim.
so tell you hidden Tzadik, to remain hidden. I also wonder how does he know that he is a Tzaddik Nistar. NOONE knows who the Tzaddikim Nistarim are. Its a good message though, there is nothing wrong with it. Just why make up stories that don't make sense. Advice to Rabbi Arush, bring ALL your talmidim back and start learning. That will bring more schus Merit, than wondering the streets and distributing CDs and selling books.

Devorah said...

Hopefully someone connected to Rav Arush will either confirm or debunk this email, but it did go out on a forum that generally is reliable.
Let's see.

Anonymous said...

They will go unarmed intentionally. Every nation has a right and obligation to protect its borders from invading peoples. If one million Muslims attempt to cross Israel's border, Israel will have to use deadly force to stop them. This is precisely what they want - a big bloody massacre in full color for the world to see how Israel deals with unarmed, "peaceful" protesters..

Anonymous said...

godlikeproductions is generally reliable? I agree with the last poster. Since when is there an expiration date on tshuva? Conversion maybe but even a murderer in the act of dying can do tshuva and G-d will accept if it is legit. The murderer will just have to receive his-her punishment.

If you haven't already sent this to rabbi Brody I'd have to wonder why not. This isn't good PR for him.

Devorah said...

Anonymous, where did you come up with godlikeproductions ??

It came from a geulah forum.

Someone is checking with Rav Arush, although he's not that easy to get hold of.

Do teshuva anyway. It can't hurt...

Anonymous said...

My friend was there and this is all reliable- i think something was lost in the translation though- R' Arush meant the gates of tshuvah which can nullify evil decrees which are intended to awaken Am Israel to tshuvah will be closed after a certain point.

joshua manevitz said...

No disrespect to Rabbi Arush but these rumors are baseless and therefore useless , please stop posting rumors , no disrespect but Rabbi Arush isn't the Messiah as far as I can tell.

Devorah said...

See here for clarification:
Lazer Beams

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell rav arush all the tzaddikim have been wrong so far . Ill bet even mashiach himself doesnt know when hes coming . Everyone do a lot of psalms/tehillim and chesed to strengthen the individual and collective israel in its relationship with Hashem and HIS world. On a sad note i dont trust the tzaddikim about mashiach because there tzaddikim mashiach comes from the lowest point in hell to become mashiach tzaddikim cant relate to that baal tshuvas and converts and bnei noach can .

Joe said...

Should we not be living as if this was our last moment on Earth.....for this could be our last breath ?

"Akavia ben (son of) Mehalalel said, consider three things and you will not come to sin. Know from where you have come, to where you are heading, and before Whom you will give justification and accounting. From where have you come: from a putrid drop (of semen); to where are you heading: to a place of dirt, worms and maggots; and before Whom will you give justification and accounting: before the King of kings, the Holy One blessed be He." PIRKEI AVOT.

Should we not rather be concerned about teshuvah NOW.
Whilst it is noble to warn with verve it may well lead to complacency and sluggardness and to the boy cried wolf syndrome.

As for me I anticipate Mashiach and Malchut Shamayin today and prayer for HaShem's Rachamim for all and sundry for the above verse of Pirkei Avot applies to all.

Have a Mashiach moment day.

Anonymous said...

We should all be engaged in Teshuvah, return to HaShem, to our G-dly Souls at all times for our own sake and that of the Jewish people and the woerld.

If this creates urgency that we cannot create ourselves, and Yirah HaShem, no harm done.

G-d forbid, a 9/20 intifada is increasingly likely, and even a war:
Israel's Home Front chief's dose of reality flusters defense establishment
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis September 6, 2011, 10:39 AM (GMT+02:00)

After just a month on the job as Home Front Commander, Maj. Gen. Eyal Eisenberg warned Monday, Sept. 5 of the increasingly peril of a total Middle East war in the wake of the Arab revolts and Israel's rift with Turkey.

Stressing the long term, Eisenberg warned that the Arab Spring would likely evolve into "a radical Islamic winter" raising the potential for "total war in the Middle East" and the possible use of weapons of mass destruction.

Anonymous said...

I have read all 14 comments with great apetite.
The one that 'satisfies my hunger' is Joe's. Kol HaKavod! Thx...
I do not personally know Rabbi Arush but I do take Rabbi Lazer Brody's admiration of him to heart.As wel as his message/s.
TAKE GREATEST CARE NOT TO BECOME DISHEARTENED for that would be the utter backlash to the message being conveyed.
Do heed the words of Yehoshua bin Nun (Joshua, successor to Moses) BE STRONG AND OF GREAT COURAGE!!!
Recite Psalms Ch. 27 EVERY DAY - in fact three times a day prefferably. Focus on the words. And CHAZAK- be strong in your Faith and Return to Hashem out of sheer love. If you and I do that, then: She'll be right, mate aka The Jewish eople, The Land of Israel and the G-d of Israel will remail 'a tight three-some. One that cannot EVER be undone!

Gibbo said...

Joe, couldnt have put it better myself!!

Anonymous said...

why do you say some of these rabbis have been wrong before: so you are unhappy the harm they predicted DID NOT happen???????
why cant it be seen that the tears and teshuva of the people saved the day?????
why do you believe in Jonah as a prophet? did not jonah tell Hashem the same thing, that if the people will repent, He will withdraw His punishment and they wont believe in him and the people DID repent. when people hear the rabbis warnings, many among them will LOOK WITHIN THEMSELVES and do teshuva for whatever wrongs they have done. not out of hypocrisy i am sure, but out of recognising the flaws within them.
No one knows when the Mosiach is coming except Hashem Himself, but certain signs have been given before his arrival. do you want the rabbis to be siletn like Noah, who kept quiet and built the ship without calling out to the people for repentance.and compare Noah to Avraham in this aspect, who went all out to bring people to Hashem.
so basically what i get to understand from a couple of views is, if a harm is predicted and it does not happen, dont belive the person who said it........
when the prophets came, many did not believe or want to believe as in ezekiel, jeremiah etc. at that period of time no one can say warnings were not given. today there are no prophets, but rabbis use the teachings and messages from the prophets and the explanations of it by the great torah scholars, to warn us.
they are like our parents, they only mean well for us. if the weather forecast says a hurricane is going to hit, and Hashem somehow shows mercy for the people and it does, not, so do we throw away all the weather equipment??? this has happened many times, irene was not as bad as predicted. so was the computer prediction wrong, or did Hashem show Mercy.

Devorah said...

10 Rainbow.... I deleted that comment which you are replying too... he was a bit too rude to a couple of my good friends. But I'll leave yours there anyway.

tzvi bar lieb said...

2nistarime 1in drem said moshiach coming after rosh hashana