Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beaches Closed

HUGE surf smashed the NSW coast yesterday, closing beaches up and down the state.

At Snapper Rocks, on the Queensland and NSW border, were dwarfed by 3m waves, generated by a storm in the Coral Sea. This picture was taken from the Queensland border looking back into NSW waters.

Source: Dwarfed by power of an angry sea


Joe said...

Shalom Devorah,

saw these 6 meter /20 feet waves with my own eyes take out my cousins back dune beach fence at Palm Beach yesterday. I am going there tomorrow to assess the damage and instigate repairs. It was awesome to behold. The storm out in the Coral Sea was actually the remnant of ex tropical Cyclone Fina.

Typical Telegraph reporting.... Snapper Rocks is on the Currumbin River on Queensland's Gold Coast, just a stretch of the imagination to state that it looks into New South Wales....some 10 km away. But, then again, the reporter must be a NSW state of origin supporter.

BTW,just after our conversation this afternoon, believe it or not, we were hammered by a severe thunderstorm which came from nowhere....wish you were here :-)

Catch you on the next wave down to Sydney.

Devorah said...

I wish I was there too !