Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Israel Needs a Reality Check

Violent clashes between Israel Police forces and ultra-Orthodox activists amid a public outcry over the exclusion of women from the public sphere is damaging the image of the Haredi community in the United States, Brooklyn community leaders told Haaretz on Tuesday.

New York Democratic New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind added that "if a young Hasidic man would have spat on or hurt a girl in Borough Park he would have been immediately arrested and handled in the most stern of way."   [Source: Haredi violence is damaging Israel's image, U.S. rabbis say]

Exactly !

And in Australia..... they'd be arrested and charged with assault.....

So my question is:  Israel.... why are these men allowed to get away with abusing women and young girls?  What a chillul Hashem and total embarrassment for all of us.


  1. So, not funny. so not funny. what can I do? i think I can make an effort to be good to my fellow jews and take extra special concern of others felings.....

  2. i think the media and the seculars, leftists are turning this to be more than what it is. we have seen many unfair trials, in each and every country, where innocents have been victimised, and justices meted out unfairly., small crimes getting big punishments and vice versa. and these in so called democratic countries that are supposed to stand for transparent justice. spitting at a 8 year old girl, terrifying her is very wrong. ofcourse because its a religious jew doing it, it gets prime time. initially they tried the tel aviv demos. it did not work. so now they are making this a big issue. i am not righting a wrong. but there are worse crimes, far worse crimes being done, all over the world in these same democratic countries. Not a squeak from the media. why dont these crimes get prime time on the channels. times are difficult for everyone. this exile has dragged too long and its taking its toll on some people. no excuses given, but i think without the media, the orthodox jews and rabbis can and should settle this. if you say in US he would have been arrested, yes, thats true, but remember terry schiavo. the world watched her starve to death. such barbarism, allowing the parents and the world to watch her starve to death, is not that a worse crime. when abuse cases in welfare homes are reported, there have been isntances when the reporter of the incident was framed and jailed. and she had to fight for her or his innocence. i think i dont have to go to details of where it happened. we can come with a long string of these cases. again, what the religious man did was desecrating Hashem and His holy Torah before the world. its very wrong.
    the media made a huge case of the buses, where men and women travel separately. in india there are many such buses and its individual choice. hillary clinton was so devastated by this happening in 'democratic' israel. but she is not devastated that saudi women cannot drive, a bangledeshi women's fingers were chopped off some days back because her husband did not want her to go to the univ., acid thrown on girls who go to schools in afghanistan. and we can go to the travesties of justice in western countries which is mind boggling too.
    let the torah sages give a verdict.

  3. Mashiach will come on the merit of women.
    I cannot come to terms with this extreme Chillul HaShem.
    HaShem please forgive!!!

  4. Why do we tolerate this? Ask Sultan Knish - it's all a Soros conspiracy? Oy... I'm getting tired of the craziness

  5. Sorry 10rainbow but good manners come before Torah, and it is not acceptable to spit on people, be them jewish girls or be them xian priests. That said, I have zero sympathy for the mother of this child. Wait, less than zero.

  6. What the entire international media is failing to report because of their own "Hate Israel" agendas is that the school in question is a dati leumi (national religious) school for girls. It is run by a tzaddik named Rabbi Dov Lipman. I am not sure if he is the principal or the Mashgiach Ruchni (spiritual coach or overseer) of the school. So the girls that are being attacked are religious girls who are dressed modestly. I happen to know Rabbi Lipman from his days in Cincinnati when he regularly hosted me for Shabbat while I was dating my wife. He is a true tzaddik, and I have no idea why HaShem chose him to be in the center of this war prosecuted by the Erev Ze'ir of the Chareidi world. There are large Chareidi neighborhoods in both Beit Shemesh and Ramat Beit Shemesh where none of this evil is occurring. So please be careful not to disparage any of them for causing this evil. It is just this Shechunat Bet of Ramat Beit Shemesh that seems to produce Erev Ze'ir extremists. Yet, the other Chareidi communities should not be sitting around in silence and allowing this to happen. And on the day that Eliyashiv announced that Chareidim should not go to universities or serve in the IDF, did he have a voice about stopping this garbage? If he actually spoke out against it, please enlighten us all.

  7. Please get real and do not bring Judaism to the level of practices done on Muslim countries, men should be in charge of their own faculties and not look, focus on your own thoughts and all you men religious, ultra religious and ultra ultra religious will be fine, if it is not in Halacha, it is not and I do not think we are allowed to add to it, it puts a shame on us Jews around the world, we do not need people like Secretary Clinton compare Israel to Afghanistan, please behave according to Jewish Laws, not man-made laws

  8. Yes, Devorah when the Erev Ze'ir behaves poorly as individuals, the Medinah takes action, but when they act as a group, the "authorities" are way too timid to the scumbums. I think that secular politicians, like Shimon Peres, for instance, like the fact that these same Chareidim want to pacify the world's hatred of Israel by giving up parts of Eretz Yisrael for less than a piece of paper. So they share a common agenda with each other. In short the Erev Rav and the Erev Ze'ir have a common enemy, the national religious. So for years now the Erev Rav has overlooked the excesses in the areas of evil of their cohorts in the spiritual Civil War against their common enemy, the national religious. Besides the Left in Israel may not throw eggs, but they already control the not so Supreme Court and the upper echelons of the National Police. So they do not have to throw eggs, uh, just yet. I hesitated in writing this comment, because I don't want to expose all of our dirty laundry for the world to see. Yet, the Scumbums in Ramat Beit Shemesh have already done that. So it needs a response for the world to see. And it needs an explanation why for years Peres, Rabin, Olmert et al. have put up with their antics.

  9. I agree with dov ber the common enemy of the vatican militant islam the erev rav and erev zeir is the holy settelers of yehudah and shomron . The vatican because only jc is perfect and the settelers are too , islam its a defilement , the erev rav lets party 24 hours every day herzyl is our messiah , the erev zeir how dare the settelers say were gods chosen we are !