Monday, February 20, 2012

Iran and Syria at the End of Time - Torah Codes

from Rabbi M. Glazerson


  1. Devorah, I am having trouble with my computer. I need to have my IT specialist come and look at it.(My teenage son :)) until then , could you give me the gist of what Rabbi Glazerson is saying here? I appreciate it. Thank you.

  2. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, someone else please let us know.... thanks in the meantime.

  3. These codes are very relevant at a time when two warships from Iran entered Syria.

    The codes show the following:
    Syria and Iran on the same line.

    The prophecy of Bilam in the parsha of Balak 24:14:
    14. And now, I am going to my people. Come, I will advise you...what this people will do to your people at the end of days."
    Also the prophecy ''A star will rise from Yaakov'' - Edom, Russia, China and Amalek.

    Who will live in these times: two nations with the name of G-d : Israel and Yishmael - the arabs will do a lot to the Jews, the Jews will pray to G-d and G-d will listen.

    Warships will come from Kittim.
    And the year 5772

    The evil force of Lilith to cause the Jews to sin and commit adultery.

    Teshuva, modesty, Torah, and only then Israel will be successful.
    A very dangerous time as Bilam prophecied.
    We must do teshuva and follow the ways of the Torah.

  4. Ok, so My son (the IT specialist- now gleaned as expert because he fixed the issue):) has entered us in thru Google Chrome. YESSS! So I have listened to Rabbi Glazerson's video. Quite amazing because one can view ships in the ports of our enemies. Are these the ships of Kittim? It appears to be that this is perhaps so? I know "they" say that soem of these ships are making routine patrols and the like. Routine my %*%(**!...oh, yes a few huuuuuge warships equipped with major weaponry delivering armaments to our enemies at this time in my opinion is not exactly routine.

  5. Google Chrome is actually the best way to view this blog. I used to use Firefox, and when someone told me to check out my own blog on Google Chrome, I was amazed LoL ..... it looked so good! So I converted to Google Chrome, and it's also MUCH quicker.

  6. Shall All,
    Forgive mem but is it possible fir any one to tell me how I can Goggle Chrome on to my computer.

    Thanks for any advise and help.

    Am Israel Chai.


  7. Shalom Devorah,

    Thank you.



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