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Pharoah Obama

This is a re-blog from April 26, 2010, as I was reminded of it by this posting at Palm Tree of Deborah

The Year of Revealed Truths
[Guest post from Daniel S.]

"Just as in the days when we left Mitzrayim, He will again show us wonders" [Michah 7:15]

The Sages in the Zohar Hakadosh [Holy Zohar] write that, in the Last Days, all the major historic enemies of Israel, such as Nevuchadnetzar, Sancherib, Haman [Ahmanedijad], and even Pharaoh, will all be brought back in one generation, as gilgulim [reincarnated souls], to fight against Israel one final time, this time to be destroyed forever, during the last generation of the complete and final redemption.

There are truly so many fascinating parallels one does not know where to begin. The Zohar writes about a general gilgul -- reincarnation [return] of all rishaim [evil regimes] in the End of Days - those who destroyed the Temples and many others as well. The specific return of Nevuchadnetzar, for example, is noted twice in Zohar Parshas Beshalach 58b.

To give you an idea of how the Zohar's words apply to our generation, the last generation:

It is known that Saddam Hussein had often stated that he was Nebucadnezzar II, king of Bavel and had, on two occasions, rebuilt his palaces [due to the damage during the Iraq wars] and engraved images of the ancient king next to his own on the protective outer walls of each. The sole propaganda print media in Iraq, for example, was run by Saddam’s son and was called “Babel.” All of the many tank divisions in his army were named after great Babylonian kings. His most infamous, “feared” Iraqi guard divisions went by the name of “Nebucadnezzar.” Imprinted on all of Saddam's minted coins was the phrase “2500 years of glory: From Nebuchadnezzar to Saddam Hussein.”

Given that Saddam has already fought his wars against Israel and was embarrassed in front of the entire world, and finally executed a few years ago for this and numerous other reasons, I am assured that we are so close to the End.

In that vein, let us speculate who the Sages might say that Pharaoh is in our day. Below are pictures of the final Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, that, all archaeologists agree, brought the millennium-long rule of the Egyptian superpower to a sudden inexplicable close. The actual Pharaoh of the Exodus, named Akhenaten [Adiakim according to one Midrash], ruled for four years from 1312-16 BCE when his kingdom was destroyed and abandoned. This span of time is extremely close to Egypt's own time-line record, as the year of the Exodus indeed occurred in 1312, the year unanimously agreed upon by all of our Sages.

It was his grandmother who likely raised him and his son, Prince Tut [mistakenly called “King” Tut], who died 'suddenly' at the age of 19 from a very rare form of malaria, according to recent DNA testing. This “disease” should actually be called “makas bichoros” -- “smiting of the firstborn”.

According to one Midrash, he intriguingly ruled for just four years [until the Exodus]. Here is a corroborating archaeological record from Egypt7000bc : ”Ekhanaton, or Amenhotep IV, was the son of Amenhotep III. In the fourth year of his rule, he chose the place of the new capital, and proceeded to build it in year five naming his new kingdom... El Amarna.” In Hebrew this means “G-d declared it to be so.” So, by the fourth year of this final regime, they completely decimated and destroyed their own kingdom, all the while not listening to the good advice of all those around them. Their main obsession and focus of their harshness and evil dictates, was solely against the children of Israel from among all the other nations of the world. Sound all too familiar?

Clearly our guy [very tall and thin]:

Now to view some pictures of his partner Michele Obama: Note, these older images, forensically reproduced from her mummified remains, are of when she was Pharaoh's mother, or possibly grandmother. Recall that Obama was raised by his grandmother. Since the world, at the time, was in a state of the 49th level of tumah [impurity] – perhaps they were all married at various points from an incestuous viewpoint. Midah kineged midah – measure for measure - justice, she returns finally as his actual wife. She is literally hand in hand with Akhenaten at religious ceremonies and state occasions in all the artwork left behind.

As President, Obama first spoke to the world from, of all places, Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Using this opportunity to make a global statement to dictate to Israel regarding the disallowing and delegitimizing of building homes for Jews in their own tiny country. "Any nation, including Iran" he shouted, "should have the right to nuclear power, since the US has no right to dictate to foreign sovereign nations" [excepting Israel since in his eyes they are not yet a legitimate nation]  - see video below.

Obama later went on a tour that included the site of the city "El Amarna" built by the last Pharoah, Akhenaten. In Hebrew, "El Amarna" means "G-d declared it so". Akhenaten built this new city in northern Egypt, far removed from his old, dead kingdom full of his idols and palaces, as a testament to his new monotheistic belief in one God, and in the hope of revolutionizing all of Egyptian culture and belief.

Discovered amongst the excavations of the Royal Tomb of Amarna was a letter addressed to Akhenaten from the Canaanite kings. They were begging for last words of advice, as the tribes of Israel had begun to enter their lands. This just shows us how long Hashem allowed Pharoah to live after the Exodus [40 plus years], sufficient time to build a new city dedicated to One God. Many secular people naively call Akhenaten the Father of Monotheism, despite our father Avraham having preceded him by 500 years.

The family: The images of their two eldest daughters, who likely were present during the Exodus (derived from the fact that they alone consistently accompany them in the ancient carvings), were likewise forensically reconstructed from their mummified remains. They are eerily identical in both appearance and age to the first couple's current offspring, Malia and Sasha. [see bottom right of picture below]

More info some of which is accurate, some not, can be found at Tour Egypt

Admittedly, the parallels are truly intriguing. But why has Hashem indeed appointed Obama to be in charge over us at the end?

Midrash Sefer HaYashar 71:12-16: At the point in time when Moshe had to flee Egypt due to Lashon Hara [evil gossip]: “And Aharón his brother alone remained in the land of Mitzráyim, and he predicated to the sons of Yisroel, saying: Thus says Hashem the Mighty One of your fathers: ‘Throw away, each man, the abominations of his eyes, and do not defile yourselves with the worshipped images of Mitzráyim!’

And the sons of Yisroel rebelled and would not hearken to Aharon at that time. And Hashem thought to destroy them, were it not that He remembered the covenant which He had made with Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakóv.

In those days the hand of Pharaóh continued to be severe against the sons of Yisroel, and he crushed and oppressed them until the time when Hashem sent forth His Word and took notice of them.”

The gematria [numerical letter value] of פרעה [Paraoh] is 355 +1 im hakollel [for the name itself] equals 356- so too does Barak Obama: ברק אובמה

And what about the reason for Ahmanedijad or, for that matter, all the many evil regimes currently poised against us?? See the B'raita in Talmud Sanhedrin 97b and Kol Hator 4:3 - If we don't repent of our own volition: “Hashem will erect harsh enemies like Haman that will rule over them with many decrees, forcing them to come to teshuva, in the End.”

Finally, due to his “illegitimate background” [having possessed unique non-polytheistic beliefs], Akhenaten was erased from the ancient record of Egyptian kings.

To all of you awaiting Mashiach while completing your teshuvah: We are so very close that this has truly been the beginning of the “year of revealed truths,” to become even clearer in increasing stages over the next few years. Watch events carefully as they culminate with the sudden rise of Mashiach ben Yoseph...whose name has the same gematria as Barack Obama...

b'mhaira b'yamainu, Amen.

Daniel S.


Moshe said...

On the 6th of Sivan tremendous LIGHT will shine upon us. B'H" that all sick righteous people will be cured and all our enemies(wicked people) should be burned by that time.

Devash said...

Thanks for reposting this. And lest we forget, sources also tell us that the Jews alive today are the reincarnation of the generation who left Mitzrayim.

Anonymous said...

From Tomer Devorah:

Check out the image at 1:30 into video.!

Moriah said...

Michelle always has that look on her face like she smells something bad...

Leah said...

Thanks for posting this, Devorah. I remembered it from before adn was hoping ot see it again.

Anonymous said...

This might have been a repost but look at this quote that was said this year
"This is the year of revealed truths," Imam Al-Hajj Talib Abdur-Rashid, president of the Islamic Leadership Council of New York, told the crowd. "Around the world the purposely deceptive are being exposed..."

Devorah said...

''Before the world of truth can come, the world of lies must disappear''

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by mby having same gematria as barack obama?

Devorah said...

Moshiach = 358. Obama, depending on the spelling of his name, also equals 358 or 357.
That does not mean he is Moshiach, on the contrary he is like the nachash [serpent] which also has the gematria of 358. It is the antithesis of Moshiach.

Anonymous said...

i agree with everything that you have posted except for one thing it will not be ben joseph who will save us but rather mashiach ben david. he will not, be so humble this time. baruch habob hashem adonai.