Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hevron Machpela Expulsion [video]

While it appeared that Defense Minister Ehud Barak had defied Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in expelling Jews from the Machpelah House in Hevron, Netanyahu had in fact agreed to the expulsion. 

Sources close to the prime minister explained his reasoning Wednesday, speaking to Maariv/nrg. Between Netanyahu’s declaration Tuesday evening that the eviction would be delayed and the expulsion early Wednesday afternoon, Barak met with Netanyahu and convinced him the expulsion was necessary, they said. 

 Source: Israel National News

Video: [HT: Moriah]


Leah said...

I cannot imagine being expelled from my home. Even if there is disputed shmishputed legal stuff, the whole of the issue is that our enemies are being given a free ride while the Jew is being cast aside like something that is to be brought to the curb....

Devorah said...

And on erev Pesach too. Obviously no-one in this Erev Rav government wonders why Ariel Sharon is still in a coma, unable to live and apparently unable to die, after he authorized the Gush Katif expulsion. Everyone is eventually called to account for their actions.

Leah said...

Yes so true. Can you imagine? We're making Pesach and they are pushing baby carriages to where?

Joe said...

It pains my heart so much to see these images just before Pesach.
Yetziat was supposed to be from Mitzrayim and not Chevron.

Devorah,it goes even higher than the government, right to the very portals of the Supreme happened in Gush Katif.
Corruption is rife in the Erev Rav government and the Judiciary know it. They, however, keep dossiers on all political, financial and personal activities and once they, that is the Supreme Court, have an agenda the dust is removed from the files and blackmail is exerted to achieve their objectives. The Ford Foundation, yemach sh'mo is a great contributor of the Supreme court and alas, is it any wonder that Gay and Lesbian mardi gras are held in Yerushalayim......and Sharon bailed out of Gush Katif warding off a jail sentence together with his son, Omri for shady financial dealings.Funny how these things seem to happen and yet only surface when political expediency is required.

Yesh Din v'yesh Dayan.

Anonymous said...

the buck stops at the PM's desk. Time for a PM who believes in Hashem.

Anonymous said...

Please Mashiach, come now, Hashem let him, Moshiach come, your people need Him.

So sad, AM ISRAEL CHAI!!!!