Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jonathan Pollard in Prison: New Torah Codes


Anonymous said...

What the heck was the cameraman doing? I'm seasick!

Yosef -- sold into slavery by his 'brothers'

Moshe said...

We need to pray with extra kavanot for Yehonatan Ben Malka.
In Amida(Shmone Esre), in 8th and 15th brahot.
In Refaenu, between the words of UL'HOL MAKOTENU and KI KEL ROFE RAHAMAN ATA -- pause and meditate for Yehonatan Ben Malka's refua, you can even visualize how he becomes better (pray also for other talmedei hahamim who needs refua).
In ET TSEMAH, at the words KI LISHIUATEHA KIVINU KOL HAYOM -- have two kavanot:
1. After 120 you will be asked:"If you participated for waiting for Mashiah every day", you gonna say YES, and they gonna ask you HOW?
Then you can say that in Amida at those words that is the right kavana.
2. At this words you also meditate for your personal salvation , also have in mind Yehonatan Ben Malka, and that Moshiah Ben Yosef NOT DIE.

Devorah said...

Former US Official: Pollard May Yet be Released

Former undersecretary of defense Lawrence Korb said Tuesday that convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard may be released soon.

"Given Jonathan's deteriorating health they may consider clemency," Korb said in remarks that contradicted reports that Pollard's release was were baseless. "There is a chance."

Korb also rejected that US President Barack Obama's silence on an emergency plea for Pollard's release from Israeli President Shimon Peres on humanitarian grounds was a definite "no" on clemency for Pollard.

"Obama didn't respond to a letter sent by Prime Minister Netanyahu over a year ago, either, to my knowledge," Korb said. "He may be waiting for the right time."

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