Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Surrender to God

You shall not desecrate My Holy Name.  [Emor 22:32]

Rashi: [It teaches us:] Surrender your life [and do not transgress God’s commandments], and [thus] sanctify My Name.


In Chassidic thought it is explained that a person who actually surrenders his life to G-d is superior to one who merely wishes to do so.  This is because the desire to surrender to G-d stems from the Godly Soul [nefesh haElokis]*, and so long as the person has not surrendered himself in actuality then his Animal Soul [nefesh haBehamis]** has not been affected by this desire.

Furthermore, the Animal Soul's inherent desire is to live. Therefore, if the person actually surrenders his life, the Animal Soul has consented to an act which is the very opposite of its nature.

Since the Godly Soul and Animal Soul are coupled together, the act of surrendering one's life also teaches the Godly Soul how to go beyond its own nature, as it learns from the Animal Soul's total sacrifice.

[Sefer Hamaámorim Melukat: Lubavitcher Rebbe]

*also known as the yetzer tov - good inclination
** also known as the yetzer hara - evil inclination

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