Thursday, January 10, 2013

Obama’s ''Mask Off’'' with Hagel Nomination

Hat tip: Joe


“You know, the truth is that I’m sort of OK with Chuck Hagel as the Secretary of Defense for a simple reason. I sort of like the mask off this administration. He’s dramatically anti-Israel, he’s borderline anti-Semitic. He’s been very clear about his lack of support for the state of Israel. Look at his voting record; he’s one of only four senators who refused to sign a letter in support of Israel in October of 2000, when the Palestinians launched violence against the state of Israel. In 2001, in the middle of a war, as the PLO is waging war against Israel, there were only 11 senators who wouldn’t sign a letter urging Bush not to meet with Arafat. Hagel was one of those people.

In 2005, there was a group of 27 senators, including Hagel, there was a letter to President Bush to pressure Palestinian authorities to ban terrorist groups from participating in elections. So Hagel was fine with terrorist groups participating in elections. That, no doubt, worked out extraordinarily well in the Gaza Strip, where Hamas is now in charge. 2006, there were 12 senators, only 12, who refused to sign a letter asking that Hezbollah be designated a terrorist organization. He was against that. Hezbollah, obviously, has been launching rockets on Israel for years, and years and years. Beyond that, when it comes to Iran, this is a guy has opposed sanctions on Iran. He doesn’t like sanctions on Iran. He thinks we ought to be having direct, bi-lateral negotiations with a terrorist regime in Iran.

So, here’s my conclusion: I’m happy with him as Secretary of Defense because I’m sick of all of these people Obama trots out pretending to be pro-Israel, and all of these Jews who deceive themselves by pretending he’s pro-Israel. Let them nominate somebody who is obviously anti-Israel and borderline anti-Semitic and then we’ll at least know where he stands.

Also see Yeranen Yaakov's take on this: for those who can't read Hebrew, the gematria of Barack + Hagen equals ''Gog and Armilus''.


Anunymaus said...

"The president is going to act. There are executives orders. There's executive action that can be taken. We haven't decided what that is yet, but we're compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and the rest of the Cabinet members, as well as legislative action that we believe is required. We're not going to get caught up in the notion that — unless we can do everything — we're going to Do Nothing. It's critically important that we act. The president and I are determined to take action. This is not an exercise in photo opportunities or just getting to ask you all what your opinions are. I'm convinced that we can affect the well-being of millions of Americans and take thousands of people out of harm's way, if we act responsibly." ~ Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, Jr.

Anonymous said...

US Jews watch gun control. Remember no guns, no revolution. Criminals will get the guns but the law abiding population will not. Watch Jew hate to explode historically speaking. Every time a host country's economy goes down, the Jews get hit. Look who is going 2 be treasury secretary, a Jew. The handwriting is on the wall 4 all 2 see if u want.

meir zev mark said...

Mask off?!

What mask?!

Anyone who was the slightest bit fooled by President Nimrod has an ostrich complex.