Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Beha'alotecha: Why Was The Menorah So Difficult for Moshe?

The pasuk says that Moshe made the Menorah as Hashem showed him. Rashi points out that the Menorah was one of the three things that Moshe could not understand. Why was this particular Keili so difficult for Moshe? 

There are 50 levels of understanding [Chamishim Shaarei Bina], of which Moshe only reached the 49th level. The Menora is the keili that represents wisdom. 

The Vilna Gaon says this is hinted in the makeup of the menorah. It was decorated with 7 lamps, 11 buttons, 9 flowers, and 22 goblets for a grand total of 49.  [See here for more]

The number 50 represents the actual Menorah itself. Since Moshe did not reach the 50th gate of understanding, he could not understand the Menora and Hashem needed to show it to him. 

The passuk says in Tehilim, "Pesach Devarecha Yair:" the beginning of your words light up. This is a remez to the Menora which lights up the first pasuk in each Chumash [Pesach Devarecha]. The first pasuk in Bereishis has 7 words like the lamps; in Shmos 11 like the buttons; in Vayikra 9 like the flowers; in Bamidbar 18, the height of the Menorah in Tefachim; in Devarim 22 like the goblets. 

Source: Revach.net

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