Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Has the Economic Collapse Started?

Big investors are dumping stocks like it's 2008

Big investors are fleeing stocks. In a note on Tuesday, Jill Carey Hall Bank of America Merril Lynch’s wrote that the clients’ net sales of US stocks amounted to $US4.1 billion last week, the largest since January 2008.

The strategists wrote that investors pulled the most money out of healthcare and financial stocks.

Last week, outflows from healthcare were the largest on record, they said.

Full article:  Business Insider


Leah said...

So, here's the thing, Devorah. I would not be surprised if it has started because in my opinion it started a long time ago- on a slower path. It's picking up speed now. Here's the thing, though. There's so much hush hush from the media- they control what they want you to see, so unless it's huge, we only see a little here and there. Know what I mean?

Devorah said...

Agree totally Leah.

Aharon said...

The world of sheker is like a collapsing tower, falling slowly first then more quickly, world of emet...slowly, slowly like sunrise...then mamash the great Shabbat arrives.