Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Overwhelmed by Troubles

''....when you see a generation overwhelmed by many troubles as by a river, await him...'' [Sandhedrin 98a]

A new lecture from Rabbi Mizrachi including the suffering of our times and how we are living in The Time Immediately before Moshiach 


Maggid said...

Thank you

vincent said...

Since the right honorable teacher talks a lot about prisoners. -i stil have to watch another hour though-
How is prisoner no1 Mr. Pollard? They were going to release him, weren't they? They can't keep a prisoner in limbo. It's unheared of. Did he get the official papers yet? Either you release a prisoner or not. So i had this romantic idea; it will be just like in the movies or better. (i know you guys shoudn't really watch these movies but still) All the Jewish inmates can go on a solidarity strike for Pollard. Surely they will symphatise with his case. It will be a kind of tikun also for them, if you can call it that way. A man as Rabbi Brody can organise such an event. The justice departement won't know what hid them. It will be a big shame. That will be the day! Perhaps it is easy for me to say as a relative outsider, but the Jewish people could have done a whole lot more for him. You can go demonstrate outside the prison, whisstle, and wave. This is very nice for the inmate's moral. Speaking about Rabbi Brodi; he said trouble was brewing in US for Jewish people. With FEMA camps and what not. But what about all the Israeli companies on NASDAQ. And all the Jewish companies in US? What about all that capital? In case of an emergency can Obama confiscate that also? Is there a law in place for that also? If Jews pulled their money out today, US has a problem. Why wait? Anybody working on that in secret? The Israeli State most likely don't do you that much good. They just want to be populair with the partycrowd, and the poop (pope) which is a kind of a tripple travesty come to think of it. Bye!!