Thursday, August 20, 2015

Moshiach ''will be seen 5776'' - Torah Codes

A message from Rabbi Glazerson:

Try to watch this properly as it is very significant
מי משיח ''Who is Mashiach''  appears in a skip of 358 which is the Gematria of משיח
מי המשיח ''Who is Mashiach''  minimal in the whole Torah
בן דויד - ''ben David'' - minimal in the whole Torah in a skip of 26 which is the Gematria of G-d in Hebrew and English
תשעו יראה -   ''will be seen 5776''


Genoism said...

With all due respect, he's been saying it every single year - almost since he's started doing the torah codes. Sadly, we'll never know until after it happens. For all know will be seen in 5776 could mean a million and one things and not even refer to moshiach. Could be seen IF we do teshuva...who knows. guess we'll find out.

Anonymous said...

13 you can see

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Devoirele van Dijkhuizen- Van Calck said...

This message was in 2015: