Sunday, November 15, 2015

Moshiach Hints in Paris Terror

France -  צרפת - is gematria 770 which is also the gematria of פרצת parazta - ''breaking out from all boundaries'' - and the gematria of בית משיח ''Beit Moshiach''

The great numbers of Jacob’s progeny are referred to as דור ישרים - a “generation of straight [individuals],” an idiom whose numerical value is also 770

Seven consecutive attacks in Paris

Seven years since the Mumbai Massacre on R''H Kislev 5769
Seven of the terrorists blew themselves up

These are just my thoughts.  Please add yours in the comments.

Video: Rabbi Glazerson Torah Codes ''The Massacre in Paris Daash 5776''


Anonymous said...

I vaguely recall hearing or reading somewhere that the Lubavitcher Rebbe zatzal said that when the Jews leave France, it is the sign of the impending geula (B"D). Can anyone confirm this with a source?

I feel that the Jews in France have been behaving like the proverbial frog in the boiling saucepan, acclimatising to the increasing temperature. This horrible attack against all French citizens may be Hashem's last shout to the Jews in France. But unfortunately all we seem to learn from history is that we never seem to learn.


Devorah said...

Listen to this shiur: Why is Paris Burning

Anonymous said...

Obvious that Europe will no longer be the Europe that was. Europe is Edom and it's appears that it's going down. Interestingly, it's amazing how H' plants everything into the minds and hearts of leaders and these leaders chose suicide by inviting their enemies in. It's all part of the Geulah process. We can only pray for mercy for the good in this world, and that will surely mean Moshiach tz'dkeinu coming. Until then, chaos rules.