Monday, November 30, 2015

The Clock of Creation Explained in a Video

HT: Dov Bar Leib

This video explains the Vilna Gaon's concept of dividing up the 6000 years from Adam into six days/ 24 hour segments, and where we are right now ahead of the Geula.


גילוי said...

Good morning. It should be noted that in the text of his commentary to Sifra diTziuta the Gemara of Sanhedrin 38B is referred to. The events of the twelve hours have differences between the different places in Chazal they are mentioned. But since the video refers to the avail a again, let us be consistent. Furthermore, the Vilna Gaon's student's student, Rabbi Yitzhak Isaac Haver explicitly reaffirms that the Gemara there is authoritative.

The second problem I see is that the Vilna Gaon is less concerned with actions occurring in the physical world and more about the spiritual realm. The creation of Eve is not about the feminist movement but about the kabbalistic concept of Nesira as is clear from his commentary in multiple places there. The Nesira and the Zivvug are the Geulah and that is in "our hour". The offspring of that Zivvug is in the next hour.

annie said... thing we know for certain...we are most definitely close... Thank you for the informative video... easy to learn by...

Neshama said...

Great video, Devorah. After viewing this, I wrote the following: On Prohibition and Banishment. Hope you like it.

Devorah said...

ביאת המשיח is the gematria of תשע"ו."
Yeranen Yaakov

george said...

Amazing video.

Unknown said...

Does anybody know the symbolism of the sin of the Tree of Knowledge (in the 10th hour) being after the Geulah of the Nesira and Zivvug (being in the 7th hour) and that in the 12th hour he was expelled from Gan Eden?

How could there be sin and judgement and being expelled from Gan Eden after Geulah?

If anybody knows any commentaries or explanations I would love to hear them.


Avi said...

The recent discovery of seal impression of King Hezekiah is another sign of the restoration of King David's dynasty, i.e. the kingship of Mashiach.
Very relevant are the presence of winged sun and the two ankhs at the end of the wings. An interpretation might say that the King Mashiach will master the world with the power of the sun, bringing a new life into humanity with the two ankh keys.
That discovery now correlates with the moment we are on the 6000 years arrow of time.
As the soul of Mashiach has already descended into the body of that Jewish tzaddik, the discovery of the seal impression shows heaven's will to give Mashiach more power to fight the wars of Hashem as his first part of the mission. Mashiach is a diligent individual understanding such signs from heaven.