Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tamar Yonah with Rabbi Mendel Kessin

Tamar's latest show recorded yesterday, with our favourite Rabbi Mendel Kessin.

What is Donald Trump’s role in the Messianic era? Is he speeding the process along in a good way, or a harmful way? Why is he so hated by so many people? What will be with the North Korean threat, will there be a nuclear war? And what role do Jared Kushner and Ivanka play in the White House?

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you that Rabbi Kessin gives us hope among everything that is happening and I look forward each week for the next segment.

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why there is so much hype surrounding Trump. Where is the redemption? Where is the spiritual tidal wave which is supposed to happen right before Moshiach arrives?

Things haven't gotten much better in the US since Trump took office back in January. The economy has allegedly grown, but the amount is neglectable at best. American youth are still nihilistic and angry. Jews still remain in exile. Conditions in Israel haven't gotten much better. Yes, Trump has withdrawn the US from the Paris Agreement and has mouthed off at Europe in the process, but this is arguably due to his own arrogance and refusal to compromise rather than a desire to "rectify Edom" (not to mention it officially takes four years for a country to leave; assuming Trump isn't re-elected his successor could just put the US back in, so any "withdraw" at this point is purely symbolic). Trump wants to close the border and limit immigration, but let's not forget the record number of deportations which occurred under Obama. Same thing with policy towards Syria and Yemen - what has changed since we've moved from Obama to Trump? And are we supposed to overlook the largest military agreement in history which he just signed with the Saudis?

Most of Trump's major scandals have been manufactured. His real scandal is giving his supporters all sorts of false hope to the point where the soured existing conditions are overshadowed, identical to what Obama did eight years ago. We shouldn't be relying on Gentile politicians to usher in any kind of redemption for this world, we should be relying on Klal Yisrael.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the hype, from our point of view, stems from the fact that against all odds he overthrew Hillary, who would have been a continuation of Obama. Rabbi Kessin believes that Trump is the good part of Esav who will do teshuva at the end of days. The fact that the gematria of Donald Trump equals the words ''Moshiach ben David'' is another sign that we are approaching the Geula, the jewish members of his family another sign [good or bad I do not know]. I prefer to be optimistic about it all, and am praying that we are getting somewhere, slowly but surely. FD

Anonymous said...

No, not gentile politicians or Jewish politicians who always put the needs of the Palestinians first, who persecute religious Jews and don't make a move without permission from the West. Time to double down on emunah. Don't get mad and cynical. We're going to tested here on out.

Anonymous said...

...maybe we've been tested all along for a very long time... and not so much for HaShem to see where we weigh in at... but for Him to expose to US where we fall short and thought we didn't even have a problem in the area of being tested.

Maybe a test is to show US our weaknesses??? If we pass, Baruch HaShem... moving on to the next area of refinement and trust in HaShem.

Anonymous said...

Emunah and Boitoch'n in the G-d of our Fathers has always been, shall always be and at present must be displayed by ALL Yidden. "In HASHEM we trust"; in Hashem we put our absolute and pristine faith, like we did some FIFTY years ago when the whole world turned a blind eye to Israel in it's hour of need! When Israel was surrounded by mighty Arab nations what did 'The World' do???

The world stood back and remained silent in the face of what seemed to be an insurmountable outnumbered enemy who were gnashing their teeth and were ever ready and eager to drive us into the Mediterranean Sea !

There was no option for Israel but to pre-empt the threat of annihilation.

The Jewish World all over fasted and prayed for HASHEMS intervention.

Many non-Nationals left Israel for overseas fearing for their lives -
but the LUBAVITCHER REBBE ztzvk"l [zecher tzaddik vekodosh livracha] called upon his Chassidim not to abandon their brethren in the time of their need, promising that no one would come to harm. And The Rebbe's words became fulfilled.

History has proven that: The guardian of Israel niether sleeps nor slumber. 'Hinei Lo Yanum veLo Yishan Shomer Yisrael'.

In June 1967 we hoped and we prayed and we trusted in The Guardian of Israel. And He did not let us down!

Precisely that is my humble message to our younger generation:

To display EMUNAH and BITACHON in the Holy Blessed One.

Ein Od Milvado: There is no one else in whom to put our ABSOLUTE FAITH AND TRUST, except for HASHEM Echad.