Friday, January 4, 2019

Count Only on Hashem

With the removal of American troops from Syria, Israel is being isolated as prophesied to happen before Moshiach, showing that we cannot count on Trump or anyone else, only Hashem..... so says  Rabbi Mizrachi  from about the 13 minute mark in this video.


Anonymous said...

Source Sheet for Book Of Exodus - What Is Waiting For Us In 2019:

Devorah said...

Today marks the first day of divided government in Washington since the US President took office in January 2017, with Democrats taking control in the House from his fellow Republicans, who remain in charge of the Senate.

I'm guessing that just as he wants to divide Israel in a two-state solution..... so his own House has been divided.

Anonymous said...

That rabbi is known for making flippant, wildly irresponsible, incorrect, and provocative statements misleading his audience. He's no Kessin, Anava, or Winston.

Let's examine one of those statements, his premise.

Quote: "America lost the war. The President made a very big mistake, he took the troops out."

1) First he invokes the still painful (He's old enough and smart enough to know this) phrase associated with Vietnam (which ended with troop withdrawal): "America lost the war" - something "Lefty Liberals" love to say.

Provoke your primarily Conservative audience up front and people will watch/listen longer.

2) The troops HAVEN'T been taken out and the rabbi knows this, which makes him not incorrect but something else. The troops are currently scheduled to be out in a MINIMUM of four months. There are only 2,000 of them and that won't tip the balance of power in Syria. CIA and Special Forces will continue to operate there indefinitely. There are also US naval assets off the coast of Syria, satellite reconnaissance, etc. American troops are one step over Syria's border. Anyone heard of Iraq? One step across the border and they're back.

This is not an abandonment of Israel.

The four month minimum puts the pullout date PAST the Israeli elections which is significant.

Much can happen in four months particularly in the ME. Elections can also change everything.

An announced, scheduled, phased, withdrawal of 2,000 troops THAT HASN'T HAPPENED YET isn't prophecy being fulfilled

Lea said...

Anonymous you have exagerated a bit. So many yet you sight one. The Rav doesnt know if they are gone as I dont only you seem to know. He is sarcadtic and blunt yes but your words are too harsh.

Lisa said...

thank you anonymous #2...I feel the same way about his lectures.

Anonymous said...

America is an evil nation. The sooner Israel divorces itself from the American beast, the better.

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Anonymous said...

To Anon @ January 7, 2019 at 7:20 AM

Trump: We need to protect Israel, keep some US forces in Syria

President shows flexibility on Syria withdrawal, says US will leave some forces in Syria, citing protection of Israel and other interests.