Friday, October 28, 2016

Achdut is the fastest way to hasten the Geula

Rabbi Alon Anava speaks about Achdut - Unity


annie said...

Rabbi... your speaking of the need for the unity between all of the Jewish people... everyone come together... a Jew is a Jew... the need for unity. Do you think that this is the reason why Jacob, in Genesis 49 when he gave over his blessings to his sons for the last time, was he actually able to see into the future thousands of years, at the time of the end... NOW... and see that the most important thing for the Jewish people would be ... unity?

He told them to Assemble themselves....... in the End of Days, Gather yourselves and listen!

Was he saying, that in the End of Days, you must assemble, gather together, and listen intently for instructions? Gather and listen... wait to hear what HaShem will tell you... THAT'S when Moshiach will come? Was he able to see, somehow, the disunity of his sons in the End of Days, but your salvation will be when you come back together as a Family, as a whole, as one... and then just wait and listen?

Devorah said...

Annie you can find some comments and his responses at the You Tube page:

annie said...

Thank you... *:-)