Monday, July 24, 2017

the Mystical Depth of the Three Weeks

Rabbi Alon Anava


Anonymous said...

There is no "Three Weeks" by Sephardim.

yaak said...

Anonymous, there is much confusion in the Ashkenazic community about the 3 weeks, 9 days, and Shavu'a Shehal Bo among Sepharadim. Your saying that there is no 3 weeks by Sepharadim is a very common mistake. Although it differs from the Ashkenazic practice, the concept of the 3 weeks is very much applied.

Very very briefly, here are the laws of the 3 weeks, 9 days, and Shevu'a Shehal Bo for Sepharadim according to Rav Ovadia Yosef ZT"L:

3 weeks - no music except for a seudat mitzva, no shehehiyanu
9 days - No weddings, or building or purchasing for joyous occasions. Starting from the 2nd of Av until the end of the 10th of Av - no meat
Shavu'a Shehal Bo - no shaving, hot showering, laundry, wearing laundered clothes

Devorah said...

Thanks Yaak. there is also the custom observed by some to NOT travel long distances during the three weeks but I can't remember what the reason for this is, haven't had a chance to listen to the shiur so don't know if he mentions this.