Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The True Power of Speech

This is a re-upload of the world-famous lecture given by Rabbi Mendel Kessin about the profound dangers of loshon hora [slander] and the tremendous benefit of shmiras halashon [guarding one's tongue].


Neshama said...

That was a superb shiur!
I’ve never heard such a dramatic hierarchy of the levels of Lashon hara, words so alive with meaning. I think I want to listen again.
Of course this entire subject concerns a Jew’s “haver” which my husband says that Rabbi Miller describes as your fellow Jew who observes the Torah. And not to a secular or “anti“ Jewish person. I didn’t hear this clarification by the Rabbi, so I wonder if that was deliberate, or he assumes one knows this.

It would seem that Rabbi Mizrachi would agree with the “haver” explanation also.

Devorah said...

Everyone needs to hear this.