Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Longest Eclipse

The longest eclipse of the 21st century can be seen Friday nigth/Saturday morning.

Video: Rabbi Simon Jacobson 
Some of life's greatest lessons can be derived (learned, gleaned) from the cosmos. We can learn much from just looking up at the heavens (sky) and watching the celestial bodies in space. This is especially true for the moon, which has always mesmerized the human race. Its close proximity to earth, its haunting glow, its phases and effects on our tides and plants -- have fed science, religion and folklore, and our quest to better understand ourselves and the world in which we live. 

During the night of the full moon this month (on July 27/the 15th of Av) the longest total lunar eclipse of the century will fill the sky (it won't be visible in North America, but most of the Eastern Hemisphere will see it). Totality will last for 1 hour and 43 minutes! 

Please join Rabbi Jacobson for this special full moon edition, and learn fascinating lessons - personal, spiritual and psychological - (personal, spiritual and psychological lessons from this historic lunar eclipse. Discover the deeper meaning of the moon as an archetype reflected in each one of us, and how the lunar cycles and eclipses illuminate and teach us extraordinary personal, spiritual and psychological lessons for our lives and our relationships. 


Anonymous said...

there will also be a huge red mars, closest approach in 15 years just below the red moon

Unknown said...

Last night I wrote the following: "I could not write a poem
to describe the wonder,
radiance, splendor
of the full moon's eclipse
too poetic for words."
and sent it to my daughter who sent me your here it is....the sending - the receiving-the sending-the receiving-the sending
from Susan Rosenberg