Monday, November 4, 2019

The Rehabilitation of the Jews at the End of Time

Rabbi Mendel Kessin -new shiur


Devorah Chayah said...

I was going to leave this comment under the video itself, but it is not accepting comments.

It's understandable that there can be some confusion about exactly what is going on with regard to the Congressional hearings, but a correction really needs to be made here, if I may be allowed. (I take neither side.)

When the rabbi speaks of open violations of Constitutional law, what he appears to be referring to is an accused's right to confront his accuser at trial.

The thing is, no trial is in progress. Trump has not been impeached. What is happening in Congress - if I'm wrong on any point, please correct me - is similar to what happens in a grand jury investigation.

Quote: "A grand jury is a jury – a group of citizens – empowered by law to conduct legal proceedings and investigate potential criminal conduct, and determine whether criminal charges should be brought. A grand jury may subpoena physical evidence or a person to testify.

When it concerns presidential impeachment, it is not "a group of citizens", but a Congressional committee, which is tasked with investigating whether the President of the United States committed an impeachable offense. Furthermore, an "impeachable offense" need not necessarily be "criminal" in nature.

Like the Grand Jury, the Congressional Investigative Committee conducts interviews and takes testimony to determine whether there is enough evidence of guilt to bring the President to trial. If that decision is made, THIS is what impeachment is - the conclusion that enough evidence exists to warrant bringing the President to trial. When (If) that conclusion is announced to the public, the President will have been "impeached."

Such a trial would be public with full identification of witnesses and rebuttal by the President's legal team. That is where the President's constitutional right to face his accusers takes place.

As to the anonymous whistleblower. He made a complaint which started the investigation ball rolling, but he has not been called to give any testimony, so he remains anonymous - all in accord with current standards of law. Were he to be called as a witness, his identity would have to be revealed. Congress has said they have enough witnesses to go on the record without calling this individual to testify.

Impeachment does not equate to a finding of guilt and therefore, the trial still may end in an acquittal, as it did for former-President Bill Clinton.

I think the Torah requires us to get all our facts straight.

Anonymous said...

The problem is they are trying to impeach on a lie they thought up. They are charging him with obstruction which is not true. Their whole goal is to rid him from the office of presidency because he is hindering their agenda. They said even before he took office they will impeach him before there was even any reason for impeachment. They never accepted the results of the election! It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

If you're concerned about getting facts straight, then let's not call him an anonymous whistleblower. A whistleblower is someone who has first-hand knowledge of something and reports it. This guy only had 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-hand hearsay knowledge, then met with Adam Schiff(!) before leaking the alleged "crime". Trump took the wind out of his sails by releasing the transcript of the phone call in question for the whole world to see. It hasn't been confirmed, but word is that this "whistleblower" worked for Joe Biden in the past.

This is just another stunt by the Democrats because they've played all their other cards and lost. It's desperation - an obvious political hit job, trying to undo the 2016 election and influence the 2020 election. It will fail like all their other schemes.

Devorah said...


Neshama said...

Both anons are right on the button. The whistler is quite known, and a former “O” holdover, and booted from the Trump WH.
Rabbi Kessin has given us a wonderful view of what might occur al pi HaShem. So very reassuring.

Shimshon said...


"Furthermore, an "impeachable offense" need not necessarily be "criminal" in nature."

You are wrong. From the Constitution itself:

"The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

It doesn't matter because it's all a show and Hashem is the Director.

Devorah Chayah said...

Actually, there are several ongoing investigations. Again, I emphasize that I take neither side. The one that concerns the phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky of Ukraine has nothing to do with "obstruction", but rather, "abuse of power."

You Don't Have to Break a Law to Be Impeached

The Founders made clear that an impeachable or convictable offense need not be a crime. Hamilton said it applied to 'the misconduct of public men.'

...Not all crimes are impeachable offenses, and not all impeachable offenses are crimes. An abuse of power occurs when a president reaches beyond the understood limits on his governing, or violates the constitutional requirement that the president “take care that the laws be faithfully executed."

For example, when President Richard Nixon used the Internal Revenue Service to harass his perceived enemies, he was abusing his power, and this became part of one of the charges against him (Article II) in the articles of impeachment drawn up against him by the House Judiciary Committee in 1974. Significantly, Article II also held a president accountable for the acts of his aides.

It's well worth reading the whole thing.

Also, it needs to be pointed out that the "transcript" was incomplete. An undisputed firsthand witness who sat in on the call claims that an ellipsis (...) appears at a crucial point in the conversation.

When one side is painted as an angel and the other side is painted as a demon, there is something else going on, but it's not an attempt to get at the truth, because life and people just aren't so black and white as that.

Anonymous said...

There is one point here which should be made clear. The President of the U.S. has 'executive' power. His conversation is typical of all conversations throughout the history of the U.S. by presidents and foreign leaders. A president has that absolute right because that is probably the most important part of his 'job'. The whistleblower here is not a whistleblower but a leaker. Suggest people should listen to knowledgable radio talk show hosts, some who are even constitutional and law experts. Just remember all the shenanigans of the past president and how nothing was ever said or criticized by the same leftist media. This is the most 'OBVIOUS' setup to bring down a duly elected president voted by over 63 million Americans. The desperation on the part of the radicals is clear because they are very afraid the current president will win in 2020. Those who believe anything they hear and read from 'mainstream media' are being gullible.

Neshama said...

Anon, again on the mark. The DS players are so guilty of treason and other heinous crimes that they have dedicated their entire efforts to eliminate Trump starting before the election. They have also attempted assassination several times (also his family). We are witnessing another American revolution. Rabbi Kessin has it almost 90%.

Some bloggers have pre-judged opinions, and in misplaced zeal have gone too far in rationalizing their analyzing. Many are just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that the House of Reps votes on "articles of impeachment" (i.e. the specifics of what they charge against President Trump) which then sends this entire scenario to the Senate where the "trial" phase takes place. And at that trial in the Senaet, let's hope that all the "truth" about Ukraine corruption (which President Trump asked to be investigated) regarding the 2016 election - and the beginning of the investigation into Trump Campaign for "collusion with Russia", and the FISA warrants and the Steele Dossier - that ALL of the truth will come out during the "impeachment trial" at the US Senate. And at the end the Senate will vote to NOT remove President Trump from office. Besrat HaShem !!!

Shimshon said...

Devash, of course you don't have to break the law to be impeached, just like you don't have to break the law to be convicted of a crime you didn't commit or have your assets forcibly stripped from you. Trump didn't do anything wrong, and was, as was pointed out by another commenter, literally engaged in performing the duties of his office as executive.

The Constitution is a contract, and like all contracts, is only as good as the person (or people) who stand behind it. The people trying to abuse the plain language of the contract are not good people. They are the front-men and women of some seriously sick and evil people, and they themselves have common cause with them. That's why it's almost literally Trump against them all. There is no middle ground. You are not being even-handed. I would not be surprised if the ellipses were inserted or added intentionally to trip up the evil ones, who will latch on to any pretext in furtherance of their evil goals. Personally, I think Trump relishes an impeachment trial, which affords him the opportunity to expose far more than he can now. But he has to give them the rope to do it.

Anonymous said...

Shimson ... "spot on" ... some Democrats have called for the impeachment of the President since only hours after his swearing in ceremony, in Jan 2017. So there is a lot of speculation that the "articles of impeachment" will be on "trumped up charges" (no pun intended) ... i.e. charges that are untrue, and made up in order to punish someone unfairly. We shall see what plays out ... people of emunah KNOW that whatever happens is the will of HaShem and is ultimately for the good for the country, and for the world, in HaShen's plans and purposes. I relish President Trump giving his opponents "enough rope to hang themselves with" ...

Anonymous said...

In the Nixon and Clinton impeachments, the President's counsel was allowed to be present at hearings, to cross examine witnesses, and to subpoena their own witnesses. The minority party was accorded the same privileges. The constitution does not specify how the House is to conduct an impeachment inquiry, which is why a leftist judge recently ruled the current process of this fiasco as legal. Nevertheless the democrats are throwing away the due process that was established as precedent during previous impeachment inquiries for their political gain. Now these rights are only available to the administration in the judiciary committee, the committee which in the past handled impeachment exclusively. The other two committees, including the intelligence committee which is holding secret hearings even other members of congress are barred from, are not available to the administration. This is a sham.

Anonymous said...

A great and long article on current state of events, worthy or a read.


Anonymous said...

This 'impeachment' fiasco is nothing more than a 'kangaroo court'. When a 'defendant' cannot have counsel to counter the opposing party and to be privy to what, how and why the charges, that's what happens in a 'dictatorship'. They are counting on the uninformed which make up the majority of the democratic party to believe everything the leftist media tells them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 12:46,
It is a sham, and it will backfire. Impeachment Theater might anger the base and some independents enough to move them to come out and vote. I know many conservatives in California, for example, don't even bother voting in presidential elections because they know they're on the losing team.

But with both the sham impeachment and the Democrats' constant whining about Hillary's "popular vote" win ... there might be enough impetus to get Republican voters out on election day. I'm hoping for a Trump landslide decisive enough to shut the mouths of the "popular vote" peddlers and the "abolish the electoral college" clowns.

Neshama said...

Anon at 3:25am, read the article and it’s well written. What it shows is that the retired generals (like many in Israel) are war mongerers, solidly DS “employees” at the service of evil promoters. “They” are the “problem” along with the alphabet agencies. Their behavior is aimed at getting rid of The President in any way possible. We have been witnessing the most evil fight in America’s history. Hopefully the good of Eisav will “trump” the evil of Eisav”. (Pun intended)