Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Two Mashiachs: ben Yosef and ben David

Rabbi Yehoshua Zitron

The Why, Where, When How:  Mashiach Ben Yosef and Mashiach Ben David

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Anonymous said...

The rabbi mentions all these amazing orgs. except there's still ONE segment that remains between the cracks, and that's the chronically ill, many of whom are in pain, including elderly in nursing homes, trauma-victims, and those with genetic disorders.

I know firsthand how many ill people remain with needs unmet.

Therefore, to my way of thinking, the most amazing org. would in actuality be one which strives for genuine healing in the form of Lipogems, Amniotic fluid/tissue, laser tech, nanotech, and much more like that. They would organize group tours for medical tourism to stem-cell clinics in Thailand, where they have much more professionalism, courtesy, and anivus (from all i've read). As opposed to homegrown which is all about big biz.

There ought to be a GoFundMe for such an enterprise, or better yet, a HelpAdviseMe.

To give an example of how amazing stem cells are, I came across a video wherein a visionary Florida stem-cell doctor decided to forge a new path, and pioneer treatment of his downs-syndrome daughter with stem cells. Why? Because her school labelled her as "low-functioning". But he refused to buy into the naysayers, and was validated when the stem-cells transformed his daughter into "high-functioning". He then enrolled her into a new school who hadn't an inkling that she hadn't been high-functioning all along!

So much for health issues. Now, as for free-energy, that would be another amazing, genuine, undertaking. And, yes, it's already being undertaken by numerous people, much more so than genuine health-endeavors. Thus no need to dwell on that as much.