Monday, November 25, 2019

The Worldwide Reduction of Evil and Netanyahu's Downfall

Rabbi Kessin, new shiur


Anonymous said...

Always enjoy Rabbi Kessin's videos and this one was especially informative, interesting and enlightening.
Believe, though, that Netanyahu will be the one to hand over the mantle to Moshiach, as the Rebbe foretold. We cannot be sure of anything, as it is all in H's Hands, so to speak. Also, a little information here about Yaalon, whom I feel is no better than Lieberman. Yaalon is very, very secular and even suggested same-sex marriage, c'v. He has no boundaries. We need to have G-D fearing Jews at the helm in the Jewish state; we must return to our roots and influence the public to do teshuvah. We are very close to the Geulah Shleimah.

Devorah said...

Actually that line about ''handing the keys to Moshiach'' was NOT said by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, it is an internet misquote. I believe it was said by Rabbi David Nachshon and you can read it at this link

Everyone quotes that the Rebbe said it, but the Rebbe did not say it. You will not find it on any Chabad site and that alone should tell you that it was not said by the Rebbe.

I do not know who Rabbi David Nachshon is, but when he said it, he was being hopeful... and to the best of my knowledge he is not a known tzaddik, and therefore he is not making a positive prediction.

Anonymous said...

Gideon Sa'ar is a shomer shabbat guy with whom haredim will sit in the Knesset.

He can install Torah into the secular education system...and allocate government funds to be doled out to existing kiruv organizations.

Devorah said...

Rabbi Kessin explained that, in his opinion, Netanyahu has incurred a gezeira [decree of judgment] from Shamayim in that not only did he lose two elections, he has now been criminally indicted. Rabbi Kessin believes this is because he has failed to protect Israel, especially the south, from the rockets and attacks, in spite of the fact that he has all the help he could possibly need in the form of the IDF and President Trump who fully supports Israel. Rabbi Kessin further states that we are seeing the end of the Erev Rav in that Israel cannot elect a government [of Erev Rav].

Devorah said...

Also, Netanyahu is being punished for allowing the orders against the Hareidim whilst he was Prime Minister.