Wednesday, November 11, 2020

History Repeating.....

This week's Haftorah tells how Dovid HaMelech's son Adoniyahu attempted to illegitimately seize the Kingship which was not rightfully his.

Using falsehood and deception, he caused some of the most respected and influential figures in King David's government to believe that he had been legitimately granted the Kingship.

The presence of the influential figures convinced the masses that his claim to the throne was legitimate, and he arranged a large celebration in anticipation of his ascension to be King, chanting and screaming ''Long Live our King Adoniyahu!"

Despite his brazen attempt to steal the crown - in the process convincing the masses that he was the legitimate heir to the throne - he was not successful, and David made clear who the rightful successor would be [his son Shlomo].

Adoniyahu is the same gematria as Biden  [76]



Anonymous said...


All i can say is WoW!!!

and again 'WoW"

Me thinks Rabbi Weisberg is right on the button.

and i say...Amen.


yaak said...

To add to this:

Later in the Perek, in verse 34, it says יחי המלך שלמה (May Shelomo Hamelech live!) when Shelomo is chosen. The gematria of יחי המלך שלמה + the 11 letters = 509.

דונלד טראמפ יכהן (Donald Trump will serve [in his position]) = 509.

In another point of connection between Shelomo Hamelech and Donald Trump, there is a well-known gematria of דונלד טראמפ = 424 = משיח בן דוד. The aforementioned verse (34) tells of the anointing of Shelomo as king. So Shelomo Hamelech can be considered the משיח, the anointed one, who is the son of David.

May his descendant, the one we know as Mashiah, come during President Trump's term (hopefully, his first term).

Devorah said...

Year of Wonders 🙏

Ari Katz said...

Yes Wow, another source in the Torah to prove this election was a whole sham.

All we need to do is to continue to have faith in Hashem.

Elliot said...

If Donald doesn't come up Trumps it's GoodBye-den to America

drbsd said...

Yes Year of incredible positive wonders BH

moshe said...


Ed said...

The gematria of Biden (meaning is fabricator) is the same as the gematria of the unusually written word MLBD in the verse in Melachim I 12:33 that describes Yeravam fabricating (BADA) a festival of Succos that began on 15 Cheshvan--the entire last week ending Sunday. I mentioned that verse in another post, but got no response. Yaak and others REALLY should be looking at that verse. Yeravam, by the way, was a servant of Shlomo HaMelech. Biden may be a gilgul.