Friday, November 6, 2020

Putting the Alef into Exile = Geula

 Picture of the Rebbe by Leon Sternberg

Text by Binyamin HaLevi

The Lubavitcher Rebbe prophesied thirty years ago "that this year 5781 will be the year when I [Hashem] will surely show you Wondrous Miracles", it is appropriate that we open our eyes and bring the following quotation of the Rebbe:

 א - אלופו של עולם - גולה - גאולה 

As is known, that by bringing the Alef - א of אלופו של עולם - the commander of the world into the exile [גולה] – by our Torah activities and our Avoda throughout the period of exile, thereupon “depends the Geula” – coming from within the exile itself – the גאולה - Geula - Redemption. 

And more, since this comes because of the concealment and disguise of the exile, the revelation of the true and complete Geula will be a break-through of overwhelming strength, a Geula never to be followed by exile, “Hashem will rule for all eternity”.

More from the Rebbe on the revelation of Moshiach:

[How, moments before the appearance of the new moon - Royalty - King David [Moshiach] there will no sign in the events of the world of Moshiach's arrival. And this is immediately followed by the appearance and arrival of Moshiach. - Translator].

 ויאמר לו יהונתן מחר חודש ונפקדת כי יפקד מושבך 

And Yehonasan said to him [David] tomorrow is the first day of the new month and you will be remembered because your seat will be empty”, my father [King Saul] will be reminded of you and ask where you are?” [Shmuel 1.20.18]. 

And this is connected to מחר חודש tomorrow is the first day of the new month [moon]: before the first day of the month there is concealment - the moon is hidden, that up until the moment before birth of the moon there does not even remain a minute remnant [“the seat of David will be missing” - of Malchus - his Kingdom, the spiritual source of the moon]. And immediately thereafter comes [tomorrow -] the month, the birth of the moon appearing afresh “and you [King David] will be remembered”. 

Parshas Shemini 5752

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