Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Surfside Names of Yidden Still Missing


Here is the most recently updated list for prayers and Tehillim for those still missing: [names received via Rabbi Yankie Denburg]

Chaim ben Sara
Malka bas Sara Rochel
Yisroel Tzvi Yosef ben Toiba
Tzvi Doniel ben Yehudis (Tzvi Ainsworth)
Ita bat Miriam (Itty Ainsworth)
Brad Cohen
Gary Cohen
Moshe Ben Toba 
Moshe Ben Shoshana
Arie Leib ben Ita
Ilan ben Kalman
Leib ben Shoshana
Sarah bat Ida
Naftulem bat Yafa (Nancy Kress Levin)
Efraim Ben Naftulem (Frankie Kleinman)
Jay ben Naftulem (Jay Kleinman)
Deborah bat Chaia (Deborah Berezdivin) 
Yehuda Arie ben Feiga Rivka
Nicole bat Andrea
Esther bat Linda
Lein ben Ilana
Leibl ben Feigue Rivka
Ruth bat Sarah
Devorah bat Clara
Myriam and Arnie Notkin
Miriam bat Sara 
Yaakov Reuvein Hacohen Ben Devorah
Mikael ben Hans
Gabriela bat Sara
Linda bas Clara (Linda March)
Ilan ben Ronit (Ilan Naybryf)
Chaya Gila bas Yehudis
Lois Marcus
Estelle Hedaya
Chaya Gila bas Yehudis 
Esther bat Leah 
Linda Ana Guara
Marcus Guara
Lucia Guara
Emma Guara 
Andreas Levine


Anonymous said...

Amazing. Not just a few but more than 25% of the missing.

Gavriela Dvorah said...

Probably more. Many assimilated and many of those from South America are also yidden.

Tikvah Ruth said...

I have shared this list of names with my Rabbi for tonight's shiur. Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Such horrific tragedies, with this one the worst of all. Hashem yerachem on those souls who are missing and trapped in the dust and darkness, and also on all who are shell-shocked and trembling... The tzoros aren't just overflowing, they've turned into a torrential flood - masai yomar ltzoroseinu dai?

Anonymous said...

These tragedies are too much to bear for the human being; H' is doing this so that we cry out to Him and pray as much as we can and say Tehilim. This was the way it was before yetziaat Mitzrayim. Paro made it harder for the Jews physically and they couldn't bear it anymore, so they cried out that H' must help them and that is when theY remembered Him. The Ribbono Shel Olam wants us to plead only to Him and that we remember there is no one else and nothing else but HASHEM! Moshiach is almost here.