Thursday, June 24, 2021

Here Comes Delta


“That's the thing about unhappiness. All it takes is for something worse to come along and you realize it was actually happiness after all.” [Queen Elizabeth in ''The Crown'']

So here we go again, this time with the Delta strain of Covid.  Just in time for the Three Weeks, the new improved version of Covid is causing havoc in places who naively thought they were done and dusted with it.

I don't know exactly what is going on elsewhere but here in Sydney we are fast approaching another possible Lockdown.  We've been Locked In right now... locked in to Sydney that is.  No-one can leave the city because we're all suspects for the disease.  Even though the actual confirmed cases are very very low, the number is way too high for comfort in a city who thought our Covid days were over.

The Delta strain is much more infectious, you can pick it up just by being in the vicinity of a carrier.  It spreads like wild-fire.  So everyone is very nervous..... and a lot of us have decided to self isolate again. 

And this is where I have to thank Rabbi Kessin for his shiur The Current Darkness and the Mabul which I listened to yesterday, and as always he  makes me feel better about what is happening, and I carry on with a much lighter load of panic. There is light at the end of this tunnel. 


Anonymous said...

there is a new interview with Dr. Zelenko
He says that every human being is being tested on which side they are the HaShem side or not.

Basya said...

Feeling for you Devorah! this can't be easy for you! stay safe, and keep posting! Your blog is a light in the darkness!!

Anonymous said...

Devorah: Don't know how they do it; but this whole thing is being manipulated to keep this tzora going. That's the whole idea. They can control humanity with this, so until they get their sheeple to all be jabbed like branded cattle, they will not stop with this tiruf. Dr. Zelenko knows all this. He has the perfect treatment for the virus if taken at the beginning, but it doesn't fit into their agenda. Remember to just put your Emunah and Bitachon in Hashem and then you'll understand!
We are vert close to Geula!

Mig said...

Please keep safe. The Delta mutation is coming from people who were vaccinated and are shedding the spike protein of COVID from the vaccine. Listen to dr. Zelenko or go to the

Devorah said...

Mig: that may or may not be true. I don't think it is. If it was the case, then every single unvaccinated person who came near a vaccinated person would instantly get covid. Here is just one link I found, but I'm no expert, just don't want to propagate fear when it could be misleading.

Leah said...

Stay safe Devorah. Rabbi Kessin's shiur is very inspiring for me regarding all of what's going on. You should be gebentched!!

Gavriela Dvorah said...

We have it here to and our esteemed leaders are akready in panic mode. Appatently a few people traveled outside and came back with it even though they were vaccinated. As to the shedding...yes the jabbed can shed the virus to someone within the first week after getting jabbed. There was a highly publicized case where the husband got his jab first and his wife was waiting for her appointment. She caught covid from him and died. This is why you still have to wear the mask for a short while after jabbing. The interesting thing about this delta is that according to news reports an Israeli man traveled abroad. He was vaccinated and he carried delta back and passed it on to his daughter who then shared it with her friends. He was jabbed so had no symptoms but apparently could still carry the virus. How does that happen?

Devorah said...

The shedding factor can't be too common because there are gazillions of families where only one person so far has been vaccinated and the rest of the family has not got Covid. As for the man who was jabbed but still carried the virus, they say the jab is not 100% effective but if you do get the vaccine and then get Covid it is not nearly as severe. It all seems to be a lottery.

mg said...

There are many stories like this. I heard that in EY, some seminary girls who were jabbed were invited out for a Shabbos meal. After they left, the hostess’s daughter complained she wasn’t feeling and later she noticed she suddenly had irregular menstrual cycles when they used to be regular.

Unknown said...

In biology, nothing is ever 100%, there will always be stories here and there but the general pattern is quite clear - more vaccinations = less deaths and less serious illnesses. This is why most Gedolim and doctors in Israel have recommended following the normal path required by the health system.

Gavriela Dvorah said...

Well maybe bec now our IDF says that they were against a mass vax campaign for this very reason. Bottom one knows anything. And the Gedolim followed the info fed to them by the medinat and pressure. I trust only in the One Above nikuda.

Basya said...

I say again, the bottom line is that Hashem is the Only One Who decides who gets covid and who does't! I think we're supposed to learn this from all the confusing and contradictory stories we are hearing: I have said this before: The only message is that whether we take the vaccine or we don't, Hashem determines our health, every moment. Yes, advocating to take the vaccine is al pi teveh, for a large part of the medical/scientific community, and there are also many who don't want to take the vaccine with equally held strong beliefs. It appears that Hashem doesn't want us to have any clarity on this matter, including how some are getting the virus after inoculation, but we are to stop fear mongering, and trying to out-arugue those whose opinions are different from ours. Choose your comfort level after careful consideration and in the end, place your trust only in the True Refuah, Hashem!!

Anonymous said...

Don't really understand how these things are happening because from what I've read and watched videos from big reputable physicians, this is not even a vaccine but some kind of gene therapy and what's in it can change the person's DNA. It was never tested and did not have the approval of the FDA. They lied from the start and all the general public had to do was take one of the protocols given by 'doctors' who care! Dr. Zelenko's Hydroxychloroquine cocktail works like magic when taken in the first five days; but they were determined from even before this plague got started, that they have a 'vaccine' and nothing less. Think that gives it away. Who knows if all those years of the public taking the regular flu jabs were made vulnerable to this makah? Whatever, it is frightening and we need to pray daily that H' protects every Yehudi and the righteous from any harm and sends a Refuah Shleimah to every yid. Moshiach is very close at hand!

Anonymous said...

I really DOUBT the whole narrative with those variants Delta and others. I do not think we can take what those in power tell us as a TRUTH. Even do those variants exist ? To start from the beginning, the whole PCR test that they use is a hoax, it has may be 10% true results and 90% are false positives or negatives. There is an interesting fact I read on It turns out a great amount of vacines are about to expire on July 9 in Israel, that could be one of the many reasons they create fear and panic, they have to sell fast their merchandise..... May HaShem look after all of us and may he send Melech HaMashiach very SOON.

Devorah said...

All of that is probably true Anonymous, but the fact remains that if you are over a certain age and you get this Covid, you will be in great danger of death. Look at all the Gedolim in the US who passed away from it. Fact is, if you are vaccinated and you get Covid, it is much milder and easier to get over. That is all I can tell you from the information I am receiving. Choice is up the individual to make.

Anonymous said...

Anon @5:00 am: You said it all. Agree with you and many of the commenters here. People are waking up and eventually they prove to be not as dumb as those in power think the public is.


Anonymous said...

Fear is a primary motivator; social pressure, going with the flow, being trendy and popular are other motivators.

There is also reality. There are no bodies in the streets, overflowing and new cemeteries, mass graves, incineration facilities, or tripled demand for coroners, morgue workers or grave diggers.

The “global pandemic” is as phony as “global warming” now renamed “climate change.” Al Gore and his fellow globalists said we would all be dead a decade ago if we didn’t “do something” ie whatever they said, including purchasing climate credits through the exchange they own.

Those of us of a certain age remember the same lunatics saying we would all freeze to death with ice creeping down from the North Pole enveloping North America, again, if we didn’t do something.

Here in an Uber left American city, the government is offering free baseball tickets, free transit, giving away quarter million dollar lottery prizes and even free pot if you get the untested, liability free cocktail jab they’ve created Just For You.

Those who work in my office and trust the. Government jabbers miss two to five days of work after each shot or show up looking like death for days.

If people want to be Genetically Modified Humans, eating GMO food, go ahead but leave those of us with common sense Alone.

Three cheers for Rabbi Alon Anava.

Anonymous said...

Shavua Tov! I just happened upon reading the great comments here, but this last one at 1:47 pm was SO GOOD and included everything that so many of us feel (truth), so I had to comment on that. Yasher Koach!

Anonymous said...

i don't feel that it's the truth. we have a global pandemic. How can you so quickly forget all those who have died especially the Gedolim in America from this non-Pandemic???? There are many of us who feel that the vaccine is necessary because if we don't get it, we may die of covid. that happens to be the truth anonymous and anonymous who agreed above. just as you have the rights to your opinion we have the rights to our opinion and those who get the vaccine are only doing what they feel is best. most of the medical people and doctors hve all got the vaccine. just by the by.

Devorah said...

Last Pesach there was a [nonreligious] Jewish doctor at a Seder I attended. He was saying that the miracle was the discovery of the SARS vaccine, which enabled them to develop the Covid Vaccine for use now. In other words.. Hashem may have brought us SARS and a subsequent vaccine which we didn't need, simply to enable them to manufacture the current vaccine for Covid. Just something to think about anyway.

Unknown said...

As someone who has carried out in the lab many many PCR tests over the years, both regular and qualititative/real time PCR, it is a very good test. The problem is its a bit too good. The chance of getting false positives will increase depending on the number of cycles that the test is run for (each cycle doubles the about of nucleic material). Each country does PCR their own way so some countries like Israel are probably too machmir (ie they run for more cycles). That being said, on speaking to my local doctor he told me by and large, those who were ill were getting positive results and those who were feeling OK got negatives (of course there will be exxceptions).

Regarding the vaccines (despite what some of the kabalistic mystical Professors say) based on the science I have read, my research and my limited understanding there is nothing to fear. Also remember, they wouldn't be available if not for Trump who cut a lot of the red tape, and was our friend.

Dr. G.F.

Anonymous said...

Can Covid-19 vaccines alter your DNA?
No, Covid-19 vaccines do not alter your DNA.

The Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine uses a fragment of messenger RNA (mRNA) to instruct your body to make an immune response against Covid-19.

There is a crucial difference between mRNA and DNA.

DNA, which makes up our genetic code, is larger, double stranded and very long.

The mRNA is a single stranded copy of a small part of the DNA, which is often released to send instructions to other parts of the cell.

DNA is stored in the protected centre of our cells – the nucleus. The mRNA is broken down quickly by the body.

It never enters the nucleus, and cannot affect or combine with our DNA in any way to change our genetic code.

Instead, Covid-19 mRNA vaccines teach the cell how to make a protein that triggers an immune response specific to Covid-19. The vaccines work with the body’s natural defences to develop immunity to disease.

Gavriela Dvorah said...

Yes, it is more accurately called gene therapy, and here is something posted to LinkedIn by an esteemed physician who explains the whole thing much better than I can. Dr. Brian Trappler.
In order for the mRNA contained in Covid "vaccines" to reach and penetrate human tissue cells, it has to be wrapped and carried in lipid Nano-particles (LNPs). The Nano-particle used to wrap the mRNA in these "Covid-vaccines" is Polyethylene Glycol.
In the early phase of development of this "vaccine" (more accurately referred to as "gene therapy"), the Polyethylene Glycol molecule was selected as the "shield", since it appeared to overcome the major obstacle for the mRNA`s survival once injected into the human body: Without the Polyethylene Glycol shield, the mRNA was found to have transient survival following injection into the body due
to its susceptibility to breakdown by Ante-RNA enzymes occurring naturally in the body, designed to limit the lifespan of mRNA. An additional value to the Polyethylene Glycol shield is its role as an "adjuvant": It enhances the mRNA`s cell infectivity (increasing its absorption into the recipient`s cell-tissue). The role of the mRNA is to use the infected cell`s metabolic and replication processes to manufacture Spike-Protein, the component of the CoV-2 Virus responsible for eliciting gain-of-function antibodies. But soon after the mass-administration of this experimental treatment (administering mRNA with its Polyethylene Glycol adjuvant), "unintended consequences" were reported in the medical literature. According to The International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice & Research, mRNA vaccines could provoke a wide range of cross-reaction with a wide array of tissue proteins. These include myelin-sheath, platelets, cardiac and skeletal muscle, and cells
lining blood-vessels. This explains the widespread discovery of associated pathologies such as Myopathies, Myocarditis, Cerebral blood-clots, and placental necrosis - leading to fetal death and miscarriage. In April 2020 an important paper was published describing fatal anaphylactic reactions to Polyethylene Glycol. And regarding the Spike-Protein (manufactured by the mRNA) clinicians began observing the dangers from self-reactive antibodies - "Pathogenic Priming" - in which the antibodies produced by the body against the Spike-Protein become self-reactive against the vasculature in multiple organs, including the brain (Suzuki and Gychka, 2021). Despite the enormous attempt by MSM to suppress this information, the following is a typical case (among hundreds), being reported in the medical literature: "Dr. Gregory Michael, an obstetrician in Miami Beach, died of a cerebral hemorrhage 16 days after receiving the first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Within three days of the vaccine, he developed Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), an autoimmune disorder, in which the immune cells attack and destroy the platelets.

Anonymous said...

You can always choose to receive the mRNA vaccine, but once you've gotten it, you cannot undo that.

There are enough doctors, such as GAVI vaccine developer Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who say this vaccine is not yet proven to be safe. And if it is true that covid mutates at the rate mainstream science claims it does, then today's vaccine is likely to be ineffective against tomorrow's variant. Do you want to take a vaccine for each new variant, until your arm finally turns into it to turn into Swiss cheese?

Finally I want to point out that the amount for which Israel purchased the covid vaccines from Pfizer was never disclosed. Recently the Times of Israel reported that the 1.2 soon to be expired doses are worth "hundreds of millions of dollars." That would mean that each dose cost a couple hundreds of dollars, conservatively.

Unknown said...

In response to the comment above about PEG (AKA polyethylene glycol) it is in a lot of the foods we eat and is safe (generally). Again, reminder to keep a cool head, we are dealing with biology, you will hear stories of people reacting badly or dying from the vaccine, those cases will make it to journals because they are rare and interesting. You will also sometimes hear of kids dying of Corona also very rare. You have to decide, on balance what the correct medical decision is for you. However, probably best to speak to your own GP/physician/doctor as you do for all your medical matters, rather than reading cool articles on the internet. Also from a hashkafic perspective, it is usually considered best to do what is generally considered normal.

Dr. GF