Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Why There is Darkness Before the End

 New shiur from Rabbi Mendel Kessin


Anonymous said...

Very good & informative video. Just want to correct the statement made by the young student who mentioned Menachem Begin and included him with the Erev Rav. He was NOt an Erev Rav; not everyone, especially at that point in the 'statehood' was everyone in leadership an Erev Rav. That should have been corrected by the Rabbi.

drbsd said...

QUESTION Sefer Shomer Emunim and others revealed that most of the souls in Klal Yisrael in the final generation are from the Erev Rav - and the Rav clarified that this means that most people today have a “spark” (nitztotz) of Erev Rav in their soul, as opposed to having an actual Erev Rav soul. But all of us also have a “tzaddik” part of ourselves,
a part of us that is completely good. If we choose to let
the tzaddik part of ourselves be in control, does that also elevate the “Erev Rav” part within us to kedushah? ANSWER [The evil parts of our being need to become] erased, be- coming included in kedushah/holiness, through the secret of revealing our soul’s deep yearning for Hashem, to be willing to be burned up and destroyed so that we can go back to Hashem – to reach the state of hiskalelus, becoming integrated with Hashem.
Rab Itamar Shuartz
On his newsletter of this week

Anonymous said...

drsb: I believe most of the 'Jewish' leadership in powerful positions, whether in the religious world or those in leadership in government, etc., are the Erev Rav. There are surely those in the general public whom we don't know about and don't have important positions are also of the Erev Rav. But, many Jews in today's world after 2000 years of golus surrounded by all different peoples of the world and not having been taught anything of any Jewish learning who were greatly influenced by the non-Jewish world and became so secularized doesn't necessarily make them part of the Erev Rav. Believe that those amongst our people who literally fight against the Jewish people and side with our mortal enemies against us and Torah are also of the Erev Rav. Hopefully, most of the general normal Jewish public are real Jews and just need to do teshuvah. The real Erev Rav will not be able to do teshuva! Just proves the power of the Erev Rav who tagged along with the real Am Yisrael and yet were able to devastate our people by causing so many tzarot for more than 3000 years so they can erase Torah (c'v) and withhold the coming of Moshiach. It's time for their evil to be done with.