Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The Lower We Fall.... The HIgher We Will Rise

The world is experiencing a huge DESCENT and we are collectively experiencing many trials.  

The lower we fall, the higher we will rise.

"All the affairs of the world, whether for the good or for the bad, are trials [nisyonos] for a man"… [Mesillat Yesharim* (Path of the Just) Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto]

When a person is destined to reach a level which is much higher than his present rung, it is necessary for him to undergo a descent first. [The Lubavitcher Rebbe]

Before a person experiences a miracle - נס - , he is given a trial - ניסיון. There is no ascent (aliyah) without a prior descent (yeridah). The lower the descent, the higher the potential ascent.

G-d tries the righteous, for knowing that the righteous will do His will, He desires to make them even more upright, and so He commands them to undertake a test, but He does not try the wicked, who would not obey.

Thus all trials in the Torah are for the good of the one being tried. [Nachmanidies, Commentary on the Torah; Genesis, p. 275; Chavel translation; ]

From here, we learn a number of important points. First, the purpose of a nisayon is not to reveal anything new to G-d, but to increase the spiritual reward of the person by bringing forth his or her latent greatness into actual deeds of righteousness.

Second, a person is only sent a nisayon that he or she has the potential to "pass," provided the person uses his free will properly.

Third (and this is implicit in the first point), the nisayon is intended for the good of the person—to elevate the person spiritually.

Nes can also be translated as "banner": The test is meant to "lift a banner" and reveal to the world, and to the person himself, the potential hidden within a human being.


Anonymous said...

Once again thank you Devorah, for this article. Everything is upside down, and right is wrong and wrong is right in this world that has gone upside down. regarding the lower one falls the higher one will rise... that too sometimes seems hard to see or think clearly.

speaking for me a non Jew, i keep falling, have managed to rise B'H, many times. This time seem to find no strength physically and mentally..
Please if you could post something that would help me or anyone else in this situation, would you please do or any suggestion. Its getting so hard (for me) to even just sit and talk to Gd.
Its getting hard, i understand it is hard for many. as a non Jew i ask please help - what to do..

Unknown said...

Nonee, I too have faced many trials and tribulations and Hashem has been my rock. Speak to him from your heart and he will listen. Write him a letter and he will look over your shoulder and read it. Recite tehillim and he will hear you. Never stop trying to connect and when the time is right, you will receive a heavenly answer but never, ever give up hope! DIASPORA RO

Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful response Diaspora Ro gave to Nonee. Also, nonee and everyone should know that the world are all in the same boat right now and am sure that more than 90% of humanity feels the same as you do. We are just flesh & blood and can only endure so much and for just a certain period of time; but we must hold on very tight to that rope, the connection to our Creator & internalizing that 'HE' is always with us and not to let go of the rope! We are very close to the Redemption and when we will be there, we will forget the hardships because 'bliss' will be our reward which also means our connection to Hashem will be so great, something we cannot yet understand. Hold tight!

Rivkah Lambert Adler said...

Nonee - This book helped me very much and this version was written with Jewish wisdom especially for non-Jews. https://www.amazon.com/Garden-Emuna-Practical-Guide-Life/dp/9659134215/

Anonymous said...

I thank each of you who took time to reach out to help me.

Thank you all, it comes from my heart.

May Hashem bless each and all of you and your families Amen.

I will HOLD on to Hashem Amen.

Once again thank you Devora