Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Tu b'Av: Hidden Secrets on the Coming of Moshiach

The 15th Av [also known as Tu b'Av] will be this coming Shabbat.  On Rabbi Anava's website, he has these three videos which he suggests we should watch in preparation for the day.

The Secrets of the Coming of Moshiach

The Mystical Explanation of Tu b'Av

The Hidden Secret of Tu b'Av


LondonMale said...

Thank you.

Tikvah Ruth said...

Just a warning, but the website mentioned by R'Anava in the 15th of Av video at around the 8 minute mark ( to be hijacked and has many links to unkosher websites.
Shabbat Shalom!

Anonymous said...

R'Anava brings up the topic of unity between various sects of our communities. But that's the usual. See, there's so much subtle one-on-one disunity that isn't acknowledged. I experience it in myriad ways, such as today, when I called up a certain heimish company, with a suggestion. I explained to the receptionist that there's a real need for the very healthy XXX which used to be available. I ask her to convey the suggestion that if they'd only set up an American version of Katif-type greenhouses, there's be a huge demand, especially if sold in bulk.

Her attitude? Very detached and disinterested. She keeps repeating like a robot "how can i help you?" (but without expressing the slightest interest). So I frustratedly responded, "By being helpful!" She then says "Well, I've been on the phone with you eight minutes already" - so I then burst out "that's what everyone out there says when they really don't intend to be helpful. Now, do you want to REALLY help? Or do you want to be a programmed person?"

Am i the only one who goes in circles like that all the time? Do rabbi's ever address these real-life "gashmius" type of frustrations? Pretty please?