Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Writing on the Wall

I can't prove this one way or the other.... but according to Rabbi Yitzhak Bezri Shlita the name of Hashem appears on a wall near Sha'ar HaRachamim [The Gate of Mercy: In Jewish tradition, this is where the Messiah will enter the Old City, coming from the Mt of Olives. The gate is blocked since the 16th century].   Before Moshiach comes there will appear the first three letters of Hashem's name - the Yud, the Hei and the Vav.  When Moshiach comes, the last letter will be seen.  Looking closely at the photo below we see the beginning of the second Hei starting to appear.  [message received via WhatsApp and also published on]


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Devorah said...

Thank you, I can't understand what he's saying except that it's NOT a photoshop...and apparently it's the vines that are forming the letters which makes it even more miraculous I think.

Anonymous said...

Concerning coming of Moshiach,
We have anointing oil and holy incense.
This week listened to an amazing lecture of Rabbi Blech. He talked about Vendyl Jones who found in 1988 a jug of anointing oil in the caves that dated to the time of the temple and in 1992 the holy incense used in Solomon's Temple to purify worshipers.
Vendyl Jones was a remarkable individual, former Christian minister who founded an international organization of B’nai Noach committed to observing the seven universal “Laws of the Descendents of Noah.”


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The above comments remind me of the below article. There are more thorough articles but i'm only posting the below, to keep within everyone's comfort zone.

There's plenty of comments about Yechezkel's prophecy re: the Dead Sea eventually coming to life, with fresh water fish etc. Well, it's been happening.

There's also this video, though there was a much better one i'd come across quite a number of years ago. Warning: You may wish to wait until after the Nine Days, due to music, and at some points there may be women.


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Also, about Vendyl Jones. Once heard him on the radio and he said that in his house, his mother only had a copy of the Old Testament and that's how he grew up, if I remember correctly. Also, his daughter converted to Judaism and is a chareidi living with her family in Eretz Yisrael.